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Hey -
I received word on 2-19-2009 that I had a tumor in my left kidney -
I had a radical nephrectomy on 3-16-2009 - I was back to work on 4-16-2009!
I feel really well, but I have soreness in my belly, along with numbness like a tingling sensation when I touch my belly - some days it's not too bad - but if I do alot of bending/working in the yard, etc., - it gets really sore. Anyone else have this problem?

I like most of you - had no symptons of kidney cancer, a ct scan for hip pain was how mine was found, I am so grateful, because this cancer was confined to my kidney - I will have CT scans in Sept/October - have no reason to worry - but can't help it -

Best of luck to all of you - if I did not have my faith and my heavenly father to look over me - I would be lost!


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Yes and yes. In 2006, I had a radical, plus left lobe of liver, set of lyphnodes (all positive) wedges from right side of liver and a congenitally defective gall bladder removed. The incision was 14" long -and has been extended to go after a node in the low abdomen last year. I had also had an abdominal hysterectomy 20 years ago.
The tingling is the nerves trying to regrow or having their pathways interrupted, and I still have itchy sensations on both incisions. I also had a knee repair from a skiing injury, and if I touch it just right, it still feels wierd.

You sound like you're doing well-back to work and playing in the garden. My kind of gal.
Keep up your spirits and don't let anything hold you down.

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