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Does anyone know of good cancer treatment centers in China?

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Does anyone know of good cancer treatment centers in China? My Dad was diagnosed with rectal cancer in June, had surgery, and just finished first round of chemo in China. I wonder if anyone on this board is aware of any good cancer treatment centers in China (including Hong Kong and Macao). He is Stage IIIC with 4 out of 5 lymph nodes positive. The doctors he has are not in agreement on whether to give him post-surgery radiation. Thanks.

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Hi. I'm living in Hong Kong, and was diagnosed with Stage III rectal cancer over 6 years ago.

There are certainly some excellent cancer centres here in Hong Kong (and I am sure in mainland China too, altho I don't know as much about them).

I had my initial treatment at Queen Mary Hospital, which is the teaching hospital for the University of Hong Kong. My surgeon was Dr. Judy Ho, who is excellent. My oncologist has now gone into private practice so I followed him. He works out of several private hospitals here. His name is Dr. Ray Chan. He has special expertise in colorectal cancer and I can recommend him wholeheartedly. Very up-to-date with current trends, etc.

If you'd like further information please feel free to contact me.

Best wishes to you and your Dad.


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Tara, can you provide Dr. Ray Chan's contact information? I doubt that doctors in Hong Kong will accept the mainland insurance but maybe the mainland insurance could reimburse a portion of the costs after the treatment. It sounds like that you are doing ok. Did you follow any particular dietary protocol after your diagnosis (be Western juicing or Eastern special foods)? My Dad is Stage IIIC (4 out of 5 resected nodes were positive). He is only 3 weeks out of surgery and is having lots of trouble with frequent bowl movement. His feet and legs are swollen and in great pain -- the X-Ray showed nothing and the doctors think it was caused by the combination of his gout, sudden quitting of smoking, and side effect of chemo. Wish you the very best! Jen

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