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Results from very first cat scan...

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Well we lucked out - the cancer has not spread. DH will have surgery and possibly 1 round of chemo and hopefully that will take care of it. Why might they do a round of chemo after the surgery? Can anyone give me information on recovery time and what happens after the surgery, and life style changes that may occur. DH thinks he can go back and just continue his poor eating, etc. habits like nothing happened... Thank you God and thank you everyone for caring. I will keep you updated as we have another dr's appt. on Monday to get this deal officially started.....

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The chemo is to kill any microscopic or undetectable cancer cells that may be there, it gives you a much better chance of not getting it again. They usually take some lymph nodes near the area and test them too, usually that is where stray cancer cells usually go next from the colon, before going to other organs. The chemo affects everyone differently, some have a lot of tiredness, nausea, and so on. You don't say if there will be a colostomy done, or maybe don't know yet if needed. As you find out more from your doctors, and after surgery is done, don't hesitate to come here as questions arise, there is a lot of experience on this board, and you will get answers and positive suggestions and support no matter what. Best hopes for the best possible results on surgery and recovery!

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You've already gotten the best news-the cancer hasn't spread! That's a total blessing.

Hopefully your husband will change his mind and habits to stay healthier in the future.


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Great news for your husband of the cancer not spreading. I had radiation/chemo (pill form) then surgery. They got clear margins on my surgery but as a precaution or "insurance" they are doing a mop up chemo. It's not always likely during surgery but sometimes a stray cell can get loose and travel to another part of the body. If this were to happen, the mop up chemo would kill it and prevent it from growing in the future. If they suggest mop up chemo, you (husband) should consider taking it. I'm half way there already with my mop up. Good luck to your husband and let us know how he is doing.


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Well,how long it will take for your husband recovery still depends on which stage he is at,and it really depends on the pathology after the surgery.If doctor hasn't given a clear diagnosis,so it's not so easy to answer.It's time to change life style especially eating habit.More vegetables and fruits than meat,especially red meat.If you google "healthy eating" or "nutrition for the person with cancer during treatment",you can get lots of information on the internet.

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