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Avastin before Chemo

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Does anyone have any experience with Avastin. Evidently, it is given before chemo to increase the effectiveness of chemo and can't be given once chemo has started. It is supposed to be very costly.
Daughter of 85 yr old father recently diagnosed with 3B lung cancer.
Recommended treatment Chemotherapy with possible radiation.
Any input, feedback, general comments welcomed.

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Hi there,

I am on Avastin WITH Kemo so it can be used in combination with another medication, my coctail is composed by Alimta/Cisplatin/Avastin but I don´t know if it can be prescripted like this to all patients. I am 38 yo and have "good" health.

Kemo is usually aimed to kill fast growing cells (cancer falls in this category) and Avastin is aimed to prevent your body to "create" new blood "pipelines" so the tumor can not be feeded.

Different functions so you need to ask all this kind of questions to his oncologist as he is the one evaluating your father´s health and strenght and he is the one to prescribe the best treatment for him.



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