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mouth sores

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I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion about how to relieve mouth sores from chemo.
Al has recently gotten one around his lower lip. I any one has a suggestion please right


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if you take 1 tsp of water and 1tsp soda mix with quart of water and swish with that. there is also meds that is prescribed by doctors that will help, and we found orajel mouth wash helped tremendously, i know how you feel as a caregiver i too am one and its very hard, sign in on the chat line it really helps if you can.

i hope this helps let me know

moe (lori)

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Hi Kath,

I was lucky enough to not get mouth sores while I was on treatment, but I have heard the baking soda/water can help. Also, I've heard of something called Magic Mouthwash that your oncologist could prescribe that is supposed to help as well. Good luck!


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