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Major surgery, 6 rounds chemo; 28 external rads; & with my 3rd brachy tomorrow: I'm DONE!!! OUT of TREATMENT!!

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I shouldn't get ahead of myself in celebrating, but I am already excited. Tomorrow at 11 am, I'll have my final internal radiation treatment, and after that will have officially COMPLETED my initial treatment protocol!!! What a long year since that fateful Pap test last July!! Then I'll have 6 glorious weeks of NO doctor visits and NO treatments of any kind! I have to wait 6 weeks after radiation to get a reliable CA-125 and CT-scan, and I plan to think of myself as cancer-free the entire 6 weeks, CURED. I plan to think of myself as CURED until some diagnostic proves me wrong!


Just had to share! I hope I can sleep tonight!

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It's been a long haul. Now you can enjoy your summer without doctors and tests!!!

Here's to dancing with NED !!!! :)

Mary Ann

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Teresa 61
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So happy for you. It has been a long journey.... Teresa

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congrats on your last brachy!! you look great and have been a wealth of info and support. blessings and enjoy summer!

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It's been a long haul but you're through! It just seems like yesterday that we were seeking out support and now we are finished with treatment. I will be doing an extra dance for you today.

Many, many, many cyber hugs to you my friend and enjoy the summer!



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Great news, Linda! You certainly deserve a BIG celebration! I know you will find plenty of fun, interesting things to do now that you have all of that free time....no Dr. appointments, treatments, tests.....YIPPEE!!

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Linda I am so happy for you to have been able to complete all of your treatment plan. That has to feel like such an accomplishment. I think your postive attitude and thoughts will give the results you will be looking for in 6 weeks. You have been such an inspiration to me. Thanks for all your research, encouragement and helpful tips throughout your journey. Celebrate your time without appointments and treatment. Enjoy those beautiful grandchildren Your new picture is just beautiful. Your eyes and smile tell us how happy you are. In peace and caring. HUGS to you.

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Enjoy these moments and this glorious summer. You've worked very hard. Thank you for everything you have given us here.

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So very happy for you. It is interesting to look back to our first posts and really really feel the triumph!!! Wishing you the very best of the rest of a cured life!! Celebrate.. Remember..Fight back. Your the true 'Pioneer' here.

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Yea! I am so happy for you that you are finishing up your treatment tomorrow. Do something special for yourself. I love your attitude... believe!
You look especially happy, healthy and beautiful in your new picture!
Big Hugs and prayers of praise for the end of treatment.

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You are finished! That is just wonderful. Do something special and celebrate big time. I toast to you.

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kuddos on a job well done....let's hope this is the last of it...though those three month check ups create a lot of havoc mentally
wishing you all the BEST


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I finished up with everything at the end of March. What a relief it was! I remember thinking when it all started that my potential finish date seemed so far away. What a long road! Congrats to you - a job well done! :o)


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I am so pleased for you. You helped me out a LOT when I first came to this site and I know from reading other posts that you have been wonderfully brave and a source of inspiration to the rest of us. What a star! :)

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It does feel great to be DONE with treatment. I am so happy for you Linda the best is ahead life with out cancer
good luck

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Congrats Linda! Although I do not often post, I've followed your progress and have enjoyed your consistently positive and uplifting responses to so many of us. I thank you and wish you the best.

Pat from MN
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I am so happy for you! The 'cancer year' is over and you can now get on with all the 'non cancer years' to come. Enjoy life!

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Congratulations on finishing your treatments. You have come such a long way! I wish you the best and pray that you will have a cancer-free life.


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