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Juicer Experts--Calling Emily and Scouty!

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I'm trying to do a better job with vegetable juices for my husband. (My citrus juicer works well and he gets fresh citrus juice every morning, but my vegetable juicer is--at least to me--difficult to use.)

I have a Breville vegetable juicer and I find it hard to use and time-consuming to clean. I also find that the blade in the basket (where the vegetables blend by centrifugal force) tends to get dull.

I've read your posts about the Champion Juicer. I looked at one yesterday at my health food store. They had one Champion on the shelf and many Omega juicers on the shelf. I can, of course, read that several ways. Either the Champion is very popular and nearly sold out or the Omega is "the" juicer of choice and the store is closing out the Champion. The Omega is a bit more expensive ($80) but the Omega claims to masticate the juice in a way that heats the juice to a significantly lower temperature than the Champion.

Today, I called a local juicer dealer. I bought the Breville from him. He carries both the Champion and the Omega 8006 juicer. He has been selling juicers for 45 years.

He took me back a bit when I told him I found the Breville was hard to clean and he said the difficulty of cleaning that unit was on a par with the Champion and the Omega. In other words, he said he would consider the Breville, Champion and Omega juicers "easy" to clean. Maybe I'm a complete idiot, but I find the Breville hard to clean.

Finding an easier unit to use is a big deal for me because I know that I will juice vegetables more often with a unit that is "user friendly." Can you tell me about the Champion vis-a-vis cleaning? Have you heard of the Omega? I did pull up one review chart today that claimed that the Omega was a bit more difficult to clean because it has more parts. Aargh!

He did indicate that the Omega and the Champion both juice green leafy vegetables with ease. The Breville doesn't.

Thanks in advance for your time and information.


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I have a Breville juicer (http://www.abt.com/product/18215/Breville-800JEXL.html?utm_source=scfroogle&utm_medium=sc&utm_campaign=froogle).

I really love this juicer as it can juice anything I put into it. With respect to cleaning and time-saving techniques I do the following:

1. When I wash/cut vegetables I do enough for 2 days. I put the vegetables for tomorrow's juice in a tupperware container. I typically juice some apples, carrots, red cabbage, celery, cucumber, ginger, lemon and spinach leaves.

2. I store a number of plastic shopping bags in the pulp receptacle and on top of those I put one as a liner. So I don't ever clean that part of the juicer. I just pull out the dirty bag and either throw it away or in the composter.

3. I clean the parts immediately after juicing. This way I have no excuse when the next time to juice comes up and it is much easier to clean moist pulp out of the basket than dried pulp.

4. I use a baby bottle brush on the mesh filter.

It literally takes me about 3 minutes to clean my juicer top/bottom after I juice.

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My personal experience with juicers is with a JuiceMan Juicer (centrifugal) and the Champion (masticating). I understand the Omega to be better for the heat up factor as you said. My friend has an Omega so one night we had a juice off to compare. I liked my Champ for the fact that I could add the pulp back through the chute to squeeze some more juice out. You can't do that with the Omega but the pulp came out drier so you wouldn't need to. sorry I don't remember the clean-up comparison.

Between my two, the Champ, for me, is MUCH MUCH easier to clean than the centrifugal one. When you're juicing umpteen times a day this is an important factor. I had to take a scrub brush to the JuiceMan basket and all the BIG parts and it was just a pain. The champ has a couple small parts that need a thorough rinsing but the other small parts are just a quick rinse with a dishrag. The screen is very small.

I juice greens every day but not wheatgrass (haven't tried but I don't think it does). I juice kale, spinach, romaine with ease. The celery will leave some "threads" but greens are not a problem.

I have been using my Champ almost daily for almost 8 years. That says a lot.

I hope this helps.

peace, emily

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I too have a Champion and really like. I think it is a cinch to clean. Even if I am juicing multiple things, I can go from cleaning the fruit/veggies, cutting, juicing, drink it down, and clean up in 15 minutes.

I can say if you don't clean up right away, it can become a pain, especially the filter. I juiced beets for my liver involvement and it had to be cleaned up right away of it would stain.

Have a great 4th!!!

Lisa P.

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