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Hello friends ,today June 30 is been my graduation day ! my last day of radiation after 35 tx.
I did very well, never need a peg ,the sores in my mouth was 4 ,painful at times and with some burnning sensation when liquid consume but, i handle it by using the novacaine gel and mind power with god help.
Thanks to all ,who in one way or other help me in with my questions at the beginning of my tx, my cancer was cought on time ,was very low and not spreaded thats why after the surgeon removed the little tumor he though radiation will be good to prevent and asure the future.
I never find anyone here with my type of salivary gland cancer (small adenocarcinoma_) most in here are scamous but, if anyone shows along and will like any input they can email me at rsaenzfl@comcast.net and i will be glad to tell my experience .
I respond wonderful thanks to god ! that give me power and encourage to use all hability to continue feed myself.
Love u all and good luck,

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As the Star Trek guy would say, "Live long and prosper."

Take care,


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