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Date is SET

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Wendy and I have decided to tie the knot on 9-6-09 in Las Vegas. Not sure of any other details except the date. It will be small, as we all know it is not legal, but to us it will mean the same as to heterosexual couples. Like I said not sure where or what, we are thinking of the Elvis chapel that is where my daughter got married. Our kids will hopefully be able to make it, Erika and her hubby live there so thats a given. Anyone here is welcomed if you live in or near the area and it doesn't offend you seeing two women get married. We are both excited, its something to look forward to and get our lives started again.

WEll have to run, going to the ONC to get my official results...Talk to yall later


Julie 44
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That is teriffic to hear you set a date...Wishing you both the best...Enjoy every minuet you have together because life is way to short...as we all know!!!!

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That is wonderful news. That will be a good fresh start for both of you. Looking forward to hearing more about it and also your official news from you ONC.

Happy for you!

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Congrats good news coming in all directions for you that is great you deserve it


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Beth and Wendy, may the best of life be yours as you face the future together.

Many Many hugs, Vicki

Fight for my love
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Congratulations!The best wishes to you.

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I wish the best for both of you. You deserve some happiness. Hope all goes well at the oncologist.


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Congratulations! I'm on the other side of the country, so I can't attend, but I hope you'll post pictures.

Let us know how your onc appointment goes.


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Dont you worry about that I will post lots of PICS, and everything went great at the ONC I am NED, doing the naked dance now!!!!


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Congrats on your upcoming wedding, and great health update! Blessings for you and family :)

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Congratulations on both counts ...we love ya sweetie......God Bless

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You are bursting with great news today!
Congratulations to you both.
I think NED should be the best man.

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Yes NED will be the best man for EVER and EVER....and thank you...


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Wonderful! You and Wendy will have a beautiful day!

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