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Endometrial cancer and mom

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Hello, I am new here but I have a question I would like to ask.

My mom had a hysterectomy - the uterus, cervix, a small portion of the vagina, the tubes and ovaries were removed. The cancer was diagnosed as Stage 2 Endometrial cancer. The pelvic wash was clear and the lymph nodes were negative for cancer. Due to her age 79 and her medical history which includes Severe Aortic valve stenosis, osteoptosis she was advised not to take radiation treatment as her Dr. felt that she would not do well with it. Her surgery was done on May 8th. She is 7 weeks post op. Today she had a discharge which appear to be blood tinged. Is this normal? Does anyone know what the blood tinged discharge would be related to Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Her next doctor's appoointment is not until August.


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I also had a complete hysterectomy with Endometrial cancer and about 6 weeks afterwards I also had just a small amount of blood tinged drainage. I did call my drs. nurse practitioner and she assured me not to worry. It is part of the healing process along the vaginal cuff where the sutures were. She said with increased activity, etc. that can happen. However, if it continued and/or increased in amount or was bright red to definitely call back!

Hope this helps!


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Thanks you so much for your quick reply. I will keep a check on her because she also has a memory problem and if she sees it again I will contact her Dr. immediately. Hope you are doing okay. God Bless.

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My pink drainage lasted for months after my robotic hysterectomy. It was not a large amount, but I had to wear a panty liner for several months. It was always a pink drainage - never bright red - and a very small amount. The doctor also told me this was normal. It is okay to call the doctor with any concerns you have.

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Thank you all so much for replying. I feel a lot better about it now. My mom is a very stubborn person who gets in a rage when I suggest going to the Dr. to check things out. At least now I know that it is normal I can relax a little. Thanks again.

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