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wrong turn

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I was navigating to the colorectal discussions board and accidentally hit childhood cancers. How frigging depressing is that? I would gladly go through what I've been through to keep my son from experiencing the same.

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One day, I walked through the children's cancer wing at Lombardi (where I'm being treated) and I became completely depressed! Little ones just walking around hooked up to IV's filled with poison, just playing! Some were laying down and I instantly thought of some of the pain I go through and couldn't imagine having lost my childhood to such a horrible disease as cancer. Poor babies! I am so glad they keep the adults separated from the children. I couldn't imagine having to look at that every time!

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I talk often with a guy that works where I do about their little 4-year old daughter, who has leukemia. He had found out about me and started talking to me and told me about her and what she was going through. It just breaks my heart to hear it - she has a port and gets chemo and he tells me about the treatments and I offer support and whatever insight that I can shed, such as the immune system becoming comprimised due to chemo etc.

As an adult, I can understand having to go through it, but for children, I do not think that is right that they have to suffer so much before they've had a chance to live.

But he tells me that she plays when she feels good just like a kid should and since she has never known anything else in her young life, she only knows those sheer joys and not the bad things happening to her.

We talk frequently about her and her progress and it is uplifting to hear her good outcomes. I think if a child can go through this then I don't have any worries at all.


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I look at my 5 year old and think I would take this anyday over her having it.

When we were at MD Anderson for my liver resection, my husband said he kept running into this little girl and her mother who was 3 and had luekemia (sp?). He said she always had the biggest smile and wanted to talk to him. It broke his heart, because she was so happy but this was all she knew. Even though I have to go through this I thank the Lord above we have a healthy, onerey (sp?)little girl, and I prayer for all the kids that know nothing else.

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I remind myself of this whenever I'm feeling particularly sorry for myself. Could it be worse? Yes - my child could have cancer.

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You are so right. I used to care for 2 children of friends of mine, and their 3 year old daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. It was so devastating to see her so weak and sick. I remember so well the day I sat with her as she handed me wisp after wisp of her strawberry blonde hair...

Thankfully, she's fine now.


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We spent 1 day each month for 7 years in the PAU (Pediatric Abulatory Unit)at our hospital. All the kids in there, except for our Katie, had cancer and were getting treatments. Everyday spent with those strong little ones and their amazing parents and grandparents was humbling. I hate to say it but we sat with kids in there as young as two months old. I spent many hours in prayer over those little ones. Life is very hard sometimes .... I know everyone here knows that. It is also very precious.

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When I went in for my most recent PET scan, a couple of weeks ago, there were not one but two toddlers in the waiting room.

When I got my results, which were not good, the memory of those two toddlers actually helped me. I have never asked myself "why me" -- because: why not? Better me than them.....


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