Vaginal Cancer

Does anyone have stage IV vaginal cancer? I have recently have finished radiaition and I am continuing chemo treatments. However every site that I pull up for stage IV vaginal cancer gives a low 5 year survival rate. Just wondering if anyone is still cancer free after their 5 years.

I'm scared that I dont have much time, and I feel very alone.


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    Chub, I can relate to your
    Chub, I can relate to your feelings of being scared and alone. I went into surgery with a diagnosis of Stage IIB cervical and woke up with all my guts still and a new diagnosis of IVA...not a good prognosis. I have finished treatments and declared in remission Dec. '08. I've experienced many long term side effects of the treatments and it makes it hard to forget your diagnosis, especially when all around you life goes on as normal and you are anything but normal. I just keep putting one foot in front of the other and enjoy each day as much I can. I do blow up at those I love occassionally, especially my husband, when he tends to forget (which is often) my diagnosis and talks about "when we retire..." I used up all my retirement funds to get through treatments and am not too worried about saving anymore...just living in the moment...even though I do plan on being one of those that beats this dreaded disease! Then I will just spend all the money my husband has saved for retirement! :)