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#9 is today

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Joined: Oct 2008

well i go for my 9th treatment today.had a bad day yesterday ,you know one of those crying days that says i just dont want to go anymore.at least the onc is stopping me at 10 so after today only 1 more to go.hope everyone has a good day and Godbless.....johnnybegood

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I am going for #3 today and I just don't want to. I start feeling good and normal and then BAM, I feel like a truck hit me. But I guess we need to view this as a way to rid our body of this crap.

Good luck - I will be thinking of you as I sit and get my round!


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9 is quite an accomplishment. You CAN do this. I remember my second round where I got my butt kicked royally by the chemo. I cried a lot, and was very miserable, but when they told me they were stopping early, I had a fit. Go figure! Dr stopped it anyway and it was a good thing. We started back up the next month and I knew I would finish.

Think positively and keep fighting. We have your back. Vicki

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I cry alot too but you did good with the chemo and you should be proud it is hard to complete but you are almost there. There were so many times angel just wanted to stop chemo but he didn;t but he felt like it and he did cry alot too. so know that i am thinking of you and sending good thoughts . take care


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I did another round starting yesterday. Had chemo again today and go back tomorrow for disconnect. Slept both yesterday and today when I got home from chemo. That is the first time that I did that. Way to go on only one treatment left. You have come a long way and you should be very proud of yourself.


Julie 44
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I know how you all feel.I would beg my husband and duaghter to let me stay home...But of course I went....Just remember there is a silver lining when you are NED!!!!!! I tell everyone to try to plan doing something special when you are NED..It gives you something to look forward to. Then before you know it you just keep going with treatments just so you can get to do that special something...I had a huge NED bbq with all my family,friends and coworkers...I had about 60 people here..It was great.What a celebration it was....So try to do something cause you deserve it!!!!!!!!!

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to everyone. i do have something special.you see as a little girl i have alwayas wanted a horse,well last april of 08 i got one.he is broke but at the time was only 3 years old.i think i only rode him once in the pen because he tosses his head and i cant control him.well since then we have bonded alot better and a friend of mine has been coming over to ride him for me.so,my big goal for when i am ned is to get on my beautiful paint and go on some trail rides or just ride around in the fields of kentucky.its good to have a goal it makes the time go by fast,got to go for now feeling pretty crapy thanks again...Godbless......johnnybegood

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You know, when we start this we have so many fears. Then they come true...at least regarding chemo. I remember thinking NOOOOOO!!!! I don't want to GOOOO!!!!!! Then we buckle down and go and there is one less chemo to deal with. Despite the NOOOOOO's we go anyway. That is strength; doing what you have to do regardless of how little you want to. Knowing that you are looking at feeling like roadkill and doing it anyway. So I salute you and everyone who does it and persists because life is precious and we want to see what happens next.

Hugs and blessings,

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