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So Much Help, Info And Support~~Thank You :)

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I was seeking a connection, hope, and community. I am so happy to become acquainted with the caring spirits, funny, loving and supportive folks on this site. I read posts often, and sometimes comment, too. The sharing and support offered hear is amazing. I am here because this "beast" seems to run in my family. I have lost family to it, and have two who are survivors, so we're still in this fight :)I am the "town crier" for colon scopes, I'll have my 2nd one this summer, and I'm working (hard) on other family and friends.

I read all the incoming info, I'm the type who like/needs to do research, so keep it coming :) Together, and with prayer & hope We will find an answer, I just believe this with all my heart.

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Paula G.
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This site has brought us hope and support and a bunch of information. I am sorry to hear you have lost family to this beast and that it runs in your family. We haven't been here long but I do feel a part of the group. We went into this blind not knowing anything about it and have found lots of information. Glad it has helped you too. Paula

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Good for you! I'm glad you're here!


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krystle singer
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Hi Punch,

I lost both grandmothers to cancer before I was born. So I never knew the bond of grandma and grandchild. Then, my mom's younger sister died of breast cancer when I was about 11 and that was painful. Worse, my dad died of pancreatic cancer in 1973. Now, I have the evil disease. But I have no plans to pass on just yet! I do, however, know the pain of loss. As bad as it is to have IT I think it is worse to lose a loved one to cancer. My oldest niece was diagnosed with colon cancer just one month from my own diagnous. She is 56 and doing really well after surgery and now on chemo. I'm the old aunt, but she is the tiger-s5trong one. We all need to inspire each other. Jeanne, my niece, is a daily inspiration to me. She is a beacon to anyone and everyone who knows her.
Keep up the reasearch and your chin (in my case chinS).

Krystle singer

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Glad you are here and being an advocate for those around you. That is an important part of getting this information out to people. I'm sorry for you loss in your family. Please continued to post and keep informed.

I believe with more research too, we will find an answer to a cure.


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Thank you ladies! I can feel the hugs in your words, and I'm sending them back to all with tons of faith and gratitude :)

(I sent this twice...that's OK, it warrants repeating!

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