A big thank you to all of you!

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Hello all, I am new to this board and to my dx. But I just wanted to ad that in the short amount of time I have been posting and reading other posts. I feel so comfortable here, you all are an inspiration, and a cheerleading team for all others going through this battle. I look forward to seeing how everyone is doing daily. You all have given me a safe comfortable, inviroment to ask any questions no matter how crazy, and you understand! that is hard to find with friends, and family who are not fighting the battle. I feel like I write alot about how bad I am feeling but I wanted to say thank you this time to all of you for your support.Have a wonderful Sunday evening and God Bless! Patti


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    You are Welcome!
    Hi, Patti
    You are most welcome! We joined the same month.
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    Sundanceh said:

    You are Welcome!
    Hi, Patti
    You are most welcome! We joined the same month.

    we can all use aupport and friends. wishing you a great night and hope you have a good night
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    Patti: Welcome to the board. You are never alone if you belong to this board. They have helped me so much here in just the short time I have been here. We are all scared and seeking someone going through colorectal cancer concerns. We might not be all at the same level, but we are here because of the same thing or a caregiver of a loved one. Glad you found us because I know we can be of support to a lot of people.

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    Glad you're here
    We're glad to have you here, Patti! Ask away or vent as needed.

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    Good afternoon!

    Yes, welcome to the "Life does not stop" chat/message site! Such good people write here. I haven't been on long, but just find so much info and hope and caring here. Keep writing and you will continue to learn. Personally, I like the fact that people here can laugh. If I can't find humor in what I face, I can't face it! (Note:P my face isn't shown here! a) I don't know how to get it on line and b) one look at my little-old-lady fce could set some of the folks back quite a bit!)

    I love my friends and family, but, no, they don't6 really understand it all. Give them time and accept the love.

    The Lord bless and keep you,