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RE: Questions about Red Cell Morphology tests I had done

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I do not have cancer (at least yet that I know of). I do have a question about some lab work had recently. Under the subject "Red cell morphology" it said "Slight--Abnormal" for the "polychrome" and "Ovalo". I'm wondering if anyone knows if that means anything important? My family Dr. brushed it off when I asked. I'm asking since I also have some suspicious lymph nodes in the chest area (showing on 4 Cat Scans now) but they are not big enough to biopsy. Please let me know if anyone knows what those blood tests mean. Thanks!

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They mean you should trust your doctors.

Or get new ones.

To be honest, it is very easily to be expected that lumps or nodes or whatever we want to call them are too small to be accurately diagnosed. This is an irony of the cancer experience: how we have to wait for diagnosis, some of us, and then, often, wait for treament.

Right now, I would advise that you enjoy your cancer-free life, with new-found appreciation for its fragility, while staying on top of this concern you have/

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