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Going to a concert while doing chemo?

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I have a chance to go see Def Leppard, Poison and Cheap Trick (I loved the 80's!) July 21st...it is my OFF week for chemo , Folfox plus Avastin. I am afraid to do anything too much fun during all this. Not sure why?
Anyway, I quess my question is, has anyone gone out to a concert while chemo is radiating through their body? I obviously will not be drinking, however I would love a 'forget it all and have fun' type of night and this may do it. I will be well over 12 weeks of my surgeries too. I just don't want to over do it. Thoughts???


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Hi, Linda

You kinda know how you feel during your off chemo weeks and it sounds like you know you'll probably be ok, but are worried too, "just in case" and I went through that too so I get it.
I did not do alot of activities and it's a big step.

I can't remember what state you're in - so if the weather is nice and not too hot, or it is inside, maybe it's worth taking that chance and enjoying yourself. If you feel bad, you can always go home.

It sounds like you would do fine. Those are some 80's bands alright, Def Leppard was just on the CMT awards last week and I saw them on tv, so that should be fun.

You only live once and I know Cancer and the treatments rob some of our good times, even not currently in treatment, I barely get out of the house like I wish I could. I went to my 1st concert in some time down in Fort Worth at an opera house they call Bass Hall...took my dad for Father's Day and sat dead center in the front row. George is 77 now and has lost a note or 2 but it was a fun evening.

Well, I've rambled too long - give it a whirl - you have a great time and send me a PM and let me know how it was.

-Craig from TX

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This being my off week, my counts were still low and she (doctor) told me no restaurants or public places anymore until the two days before chemo begins.

Personally, I would take the chance and go just because it seems like we have to put our whole life on hold while going through this. I'm actually going to a cottage this weekend (4th of July) and this is my chemo week.

There are always going to be risks of infection when in crowds, so just be careful, but have a great time if you decide to go. Let your hair down and enjoy.


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I have gone to plenty of shows. I normally get chemo on Mondays so I'm good to go by Saturday night.
Have fun

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Hi I worked during my chemo at a high school with 2500 people around. I was in and out of all the classrooms working on computers. My white counts went as low as .7 but I did fine. My dr said to keep washing my hands. enjoy the concert and just wash!

Fight for my love
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Hi Linda,my hubby's oncologist told him that he can still work and he can still drive and he can stay as active as possible as long as he feels good when he has the chemo pump on.My hubby still drives an hour or so to visit customers during the week from time to time when he had the chemo on.But he just finished first round chemo with 5-Fu,so he is doing ok,I guess the side effects haven't showed up too much yet.Anyway as long as you feel good and your white blood cell counts is normal,then you do outdoor things will be ok.But your blood cell counts is low,then the doctor will suggest you avoid crowds.

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You bet you should go!! There's no reason not to do things you enjoy, as long as you feel up to it. Yes, we've gone or are going thru treatment, but that doesn't mean we have to stop living. That's the reason why we go thru all this, so that we can live and enjoy things.

I specialize in haircutting for children, and I worked thru out my chemo,even when I was hooked up to my 48hr infusion. On days off, as long as I was feeling up to things, I went about my normal days. Just because I had cancer didn't mean that I wasn't allowed to have fun. I actually feel that because I had cancer, I should have even more fun. LOL Go to the concert and have as much fun as possible. :-)

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don't let the monster stop you from having fun - live your life and have fun as long as you feel up to it. ypu can always leave if you feel like it is too much when you are there. bring hand sanitizer for yourself. I wouldn't give up def leopard!

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Hi Linda,
It sounds like a great concert. Dick is on Folfox 6 and he just finshed his 8th round. He does everything he feels like doing while on chemo. When he is up for it (usually his off week) he'll surf, boat, go to church, go to parties, run, go to the gym etc...
I think you should go and have a rocking blast! Go 80's!

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Live your life! I went to a play in Denver recently, between chemo treatments. Because of my bathroom issues, I worried. So I told the ticket taker my problem. He changed our seats to an end aisle where I could slip out without disturbing anyone. Turns out I didn't need to leave, but I was so much more comfortable knowing I had a plan. And when Intermission came, he sent a female usher to take me to a private restroom so I wouldn't have to stand in line. People are kind if you give them a chance!


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You all made me feel better about this. I don't know why sometimes I feel like I have to wait until after chemo to 'have fun' if I feel ok? And that's right...since I have gone through this I should have that special ticket saying I need to have MORE FUN!! LOL!
And usually in between treatments I feel pretty darn good, actually better than I have in awhile. It's good to hear how all of you keep living your life and not giving into cancer!

Thanks again !!!

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and live life to the fullest,you know you just gave me an idea.we could make out tickets for ourselfs say [this is a feel good day ,go out and have fun],just dont over do it and you have fun .....Godbless....johnnybegood

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Hope you went and had a good time. I went to 2 concerts while in treatment and did just fine. Of course there was the ostomy issue for the restroom but we all learn to deal with that as well. Def Leppard just happened to be one of the concerts I went to also. Guess we all like a little rock now and then. Take care!

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Girl, what are you saving all your energy for? Chemo? ick. Go, have FUN! I disconnected my chemo Saturday right before my husband's surprise party and spent the night dancing! I felt terrible when people started arriving and was questioning my judgement. The distraction was exactly what I (and my husband) needed. I pushed myself to continue as planned and had a great time. I highly recommend it!

I'm so jealous!


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Yes go to the concert I had been on chemo for 2 montbhs it was my on week

I went to see Trace Atkins and had a blast you need to have so me fun

enjoy your concert


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First chance when I had a break from chemo we went to Branson. Music will make you feel good and for the duration of the concert you won't think about cancer. The beat of the music is very healing to the soul and body. Go and enjoy! You can rest up alot the day after the concert if you need to.

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