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9 month check up

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okay, i am leaving tomorrow 6/28 for my 9 month check up. i have the usual nervous, uneasy, don't want to go do it, i need a vacation attitude. the only really off the wall thing this time is they want to do a colon-os-copy thingy. well, someone didn't read my chart. they planned it on my birthday!!!!!!!! happy freaking birthday. bad enough some guy with big hands wants to check my prostate, now they want to push things a little further. all of this and i don't even get taken to dinner and a movie. i told my wife i don't really want to go there. she started to say she understood, then she stopped and said, no i don't really understand. so i am addressing those of you who do understand. a little understanding goes a long way in this journey. i use to tell my wife when i was in the hospital getting ready for something unpleasent, a cartoon line, smile and wave boys, smile and wave. tony

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Well Happy Birthday Tony. I am sorry about the colon check. And I got the giant finger check two days before my birthday in April. If I had known more about prostate checks at a younger age I would of picked a doctor that didn't have fingers like godzilla. I was seeing my doctor when he decided I should have an untrasound on my testicles. 20 minutes later I was waiting for the test and just knew it would be a woman. Sure enough a great looking 30ish woman showed up. To add more stress there was a 19 year old female college student in training with her. The next day my daughter who was in college mentioned that a fellow student got to untrasound some guys testicles. Now everytime I see one of my daughters friends I wonder if she was the one in the room with me. Cripe might as well put my films in the National Enquirer. So never think our dignity can't take a harder hit Tony. It goes with the territory I guess. Best of luck with your exam and try to enjoy the rest of the day as best you can. Slickwilly

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the doc said my psa went up a point. he said no need to over react or get alarmed unless it goes up 2 points. well i was on edge before i got here for the check up and that didn't help. so i went in for the colonoscopy and one of the chaplains came in to pray with me before the procedure. it was one of those times when the right words were said in the right manner by the right person. her prayer calmed me down and i relaxed and again realized i can only do what i can do and leave the rest of it in gods hands. by the way, my prostate doctor said he is leaving to work elsewhere. the secretary ask which of the other doctors i'd prefer. i simply ask, who has the smallest hands. she thought i was joking. i now have a female doctor. isn't life grand.

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