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Stomach cancer called - PPC-Peritoneal Cavity

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My mom has been told she has a rare cancer of the stomach lining, called PPC. It's actually the abdomen. She is on chemo. Is anyone familiar with this cancer?

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Hello. I have just been diagnosed with the above mentioned cancer. I was first diagnosed in December 2005 at which time I had a fist sizes tumor and half my stomach removed. There was some metastsis to surrounding lymph nodes. I opted to not take chemo and have been living and eating well for 3 years. None of my bloodwork or cat-scans has shown peritoneal carcinomatosis. I had exploratory surgery 1 month ago because I was having problems with digestion. There is a mass which is starting to constrict my bowels and a seasame seed type coating of cancer all over the lining of my stomach. I have a feeding\ decompression tube which after a month of recovery I have not had to use. My doctors have said that even if I did take chemo,there would be no way to gauge it's effectiveness without surgery. I will get a second opinion in New York. My thoughts and prayers go out to you.

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I was just concerned about the mass constricting your bowel and if you had a 2nd opinion as of yet? is your Dr. giving you cts on a regular basis? I see you had surgery, what did they discover about the mass?

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Sorry to hear about your mother. I was on this site quite by accident, but I notice your comment because I had lost my mother 4 years ago to the same cancer. She had been misdiagnosed as having ovarian cancer and it wasn't until she had died that we found out that she had had PPC. Here are some things that I wish I had known while she was living. It's alternative stuff and I have no financial interest in it:

Liponano C
Liponano Glutathione

Because of my christian faith I know I will see my mother again.
Praying for yours,

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