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Any thoughts would be appreciated...

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First timer here, have a question and maybe one of you good people could possibly shed some light on this, My dad was just told of 9 spots on his Liver and 1 small spot on his Pancreas, and also told that it is not curable, being put on GTX and next week starting liquid Chemo, has anyone on this board dealt with something of this kind and if so PLEASE reply, thank you all and may your day/days to come be very positive...

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www.healingcancernaturally.com has some "testimonials" and inspiring stories. Don't let the gloom and doom prognosis websites (or doctor's outlook) get you or your dad down. Hope for the best, eat the best, sing, pray, laugh, cry, shout, jump up and down, and find out what he needs to get through this. I'm eating more raw and juices (less processed and virtually no sugars, etc) and I drink Ganoderma (Young Ji) tea every day. Find out what herbs, foods, supplements, etc your dad needs to support him as he fights this fight. Ever heard of pau-d-arco? Check with your doctor or nutritionist and pray, pray, pray for help.

The Lord has everyone of us in mind and He knows our needs and will always comfort us... especially when we feel abandoned by Him.

I'm dealing with lymph node and liver cancer less than a year after being treated for breast cancer. I am angry at how much cancer steals from people and when I hurt or feel bad for myself, I turn it around and pray for others. I'm praying now for your dad and I KNOW the Lord Jesus Himself hears me. I don't know what His answer is, but I know He can do anything and I know He has given us all the heart, mind, and spirit to go through anything with Him by our sides.

Be uplifted and truly blessed... Ellen

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