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Officially scared now.

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My hysterectomy is scheduled for Monday. I am officially scared now. It will be a TAH-BSO plus a gallbladder removal. (Gallbladder has been acting up for a year now.) Scared of the pain and scared of the cancer staging. Words of wisdom from those who have been there are VERY needed now. (Please!!!)

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I know it's scary but believe me I had laparoscoptic hysterectomy and it was so easy for me to recover. I'm so glad that it was removed and even I had gall bladder removed first before hysterectomy. When I had the first operation for gall bladder it was painful for the first night but then after that I got healed real quickly less than a week and half. For hysterectomy I got healed much quicker but then on the second weekend my "water broke" was unexpected and uncomfortable but after third week I was recovery real fast so I don't feel any different really!!! Try to think positive and keep your daily life busy and try to walk at least 20 minutes each day will help you to recover better. Most important is to have faith that things will go ease for you! Don't be afraid to spread the words to your family and friends and they will pray for you and make you feel less needy. Tomorrow will be my first day of Chemo so I'm looking forward to it cuz I wanted the "Pac Man" to kill my unwanted bad cells. You can do it girl! Reddie

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I wanted to share this with you and pray for you. My brother's girlfriend made a wonderful poem prayer to me that makes me feel at ease and loved! I even cried!

Dear Precious Jesus,
My heart, mind and soul confess to you my weakness, but I am confident in the One who saves. In this weakness I want to prayer for PJK who is coming to terms with the cancer that is present in her body. I ask you as the great physician to remove the cancer from her body and heal her to complete health...go before her and sustain her as she walks the road of chemo and radiation. May you draw PJK close to your heart and comfort her thoughts, may she feel no pain or illness during the treatments. May she rest in the knowledge that you are completely and utterly aware of her condition and you are present with her right now. Give her a peace and assurance that you have total control over her life, that she is so beautiful, so wanted, and so loved in your eyes. I will continue to lift her up to you Father...In your precious Son's name...Amen

Deuteronomy 33:12

May the beloved of the Lord rest
secure in him,
for He shield's him all the day long,
and the one the Lord loves,
rests between his shoulders.

Love in Christ,

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Take it one step at a time. You are moving towards recovery. I took pain pills for two weeks. I am an active person and needed to slow down. I healed well and my activity is right up where it should be. You can do this. Slowly you will heal. Take the pain medication and eat healthy. Friends are behind and you sending thoughts of courage, recovery, and faith up in the air like balloons released. You can do this.

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