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Recurrence after chemo/Stage 3 1 lymph node?

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I am just curious, as to how many of you, if any, have had a recurrence after completeing chemo, if you were stage 3 and only had 1 or maybe 2 lymph nodes involved. Trying to figure my odds. , I guess.
Thanks, carletta

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I was diagnosed in May of 2008 with stage 3 colon cancer. I had only one lymph node that had evidence of cancer (although it hadn't gotten through the node "wall" yet). In December of 2008 I finished up my FOLFOX treatment - 12 rounds. I had a CT scan and they found a met in my liver. The FOLFOX didn't work on me. After subsequent scanning they found that I had 2 more mets in my abdomen right outside where the original tumor was found. Now I'm on FOLFIRI+Avastin. Hopefully, this time the chemo will work for me.

Good luck,

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there are several different things that determine your odds.. what t stage the tumor was, grade of the cells, location of the tumor etc.. you can go to this link on the MSK site and it has a calulator that gives you your odds of being cancer free in 5 and 10 years. It is supposed to be the most accurate up to date tool out there. I had a T1 tumor with 1 lymph node of 26 positive and it gave me 97% chance http://www.mskcc.org/mskcc/html/83364.cfm

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I was a stage III with one lymph node involved. I had re-section, radiation, chemo cocktail of Folfox. I scanned clear for exactly 12 months and then a reoccurance of "multiple nodules" in both lungs. I had a lung biopsy and the cells were stained and were definitely colon cancer cells. I am now stage IV and on Folfiri and Avastin.

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Whats that???

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A stain was applied to the cells taken in the biopsy to ensure the nodules were colon cancer and not a primary lung cancer.

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I was stage 3, 2 node involvement. Have been NED for almost 2 years. I have a couple of nodules on the lungs that they are watching but since there has been no change in them, they think they are benign but will keep watching. It is difficult to look at percentages as everyone is different. With the help of the folks on this discussion board, I have been able to keep things in perspective and not to dwell on "what if". I suggest you try and take that attitude. (as difficult as it may be When having doubts, just make a post to this board for support. You will find it here.

Cheers, Lance

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Hi Carletta,
It's impossible to figure the odds. Everyone of us is different. I was stage 3 with 15 of 18 nodes involved and no recurrence after more than 15 years. Assume the best and let time tell the tale.

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Hi Carletta,

I was diagnosed Stage 3 with 1 lymph node positive (T3N1M0) Feb. 2005. Did Folfox 4 for 6 months and was clean for 6 months. Had recurrance in left ovary and another tumor in lower abdomen, surgery and 6 months Folfiri with Avastin. About 5 months later CEA was rising again, it showed up in my left lung; had a wedge resection June 2007 but also had 2 small spots in the right lung. Had to wait 2 months to see what if they got bigger, had a pet scan and it showed more in the abdomen around the sigmoid colon. Had the lower left lobe resected, a colonoscopy which did not show anything so he did exploratory to find the tumor. It was on the outside of the sigmoid so he had to do another resection Dec 2007. Had 3 surgeries in 5 months. Cea was still high, he recommended more chemo but I decided I would try alternatives to build my immune system to fight it this time and have been clear ever since. I get my Cea checked every 3 months and Thank the Lord it's still below normal. You never know how things are going to turn out so I have learned to enjoy everyday to the fullest and be thankful for this time. You really can't figure the odds; just do all you can to help your body fight this and try to relax and have fun. Good Luck!!!

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What alternatives did you do????

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Hi Carletta
I had a recurrence met to the lung right after completing FOLFOX adjuvant chemo
even after the resection was "cancer free" Seems Folfox is not the "right" chemo for my genetic makeup but they didn't have the tests then; they do now. Be sure your doc orders the KRAS and microsatelite tests for you so you can be sure you have the right chemo. I had a lung resection and then was on 12 rounds of Folfiri/Avastin
I am 2 1/2 years from dx and NED right now. I NEVER look at statistical predictions of survival and urge you not to do that. Statistics in my opinion are out of date, not based on you as an individual and with the new genetic tissue testing and chemo stuff they really can't be relevant. Read everything that Bernie Seigal, MD and Larry Dossey, MD have written about survival .........
Best prayers for you

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