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After RAI my endocrin. seems to be having a very hard time adjusting my Levothyroxine (synthroid) to an accurate level. So now I've been hypothyroid for a little over 2 months.... I'm gaining weight like you wouldn't believe... and I realize I definitely did not have a good diet to begin with... so I know it's not helping me now... I know the nutrition basics.... however have never been taught how to apply them to real life (if you will lol) Does anyone have any pointers or advice?
Someone once told me that we as humans are "grazers" and we basically only really need to be eating lots of nuts, fruits, veggies, etc.... but small portions througout the day....
Are there any resources out there as to how to plan out a healthy diet?
I walk anywhere between 1-4 miles a day.... but my eating habits are overriding my activity levels.
Thank You

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Weight watchers has a web site that has all kinds of information on eating healthy.

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hey there, so I am on a great diet, I have chosen not to have my thyroid removed for the time being and am trying this the natural way. I am on what is called the Yeast free diet. It workd wonders, you have more energy if you follow it right and your body just feels so clean. Let me know if you want more info


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Hi Sally,

I hear you sister! Hypo stinks! I joined Weight Watchers to help me lose and to help re-train myself about eating. It works!


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