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Great new picture. You have two very handsome men on your arms!



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After I saw your photo with your beautiful daughter, I had to 'keep up'! (She really is GORGEOUS!) My son Eric is single and is an attorney in Pittsburgh and lives 4 to 5 hours away from me. My son Jake works as a guard in a state prison and lives less than 2 miles from me, and is the father of the grandkids I talk about all the time. Eric's latest girlfriend took that photo when they came in to visit me last weekend.

Just got back from my 2nd internal bracy radiation, & I still feel fine! No pain or discomfort. Next Wednesday, July 1, is "graduation day" for me from my treatments, and then I plan to join you "out-of-treatment"-NED ladies in a happy dance!! I asked today when I could next get a reliable CT-scan and CA-125, & the oncologist said I'd need to wait 6 weeks after my last radiation. That puts me into mid-August. I said 'What about a CT-scan for that tiny spot on the lung?' He said again "Linda; that's nothing. 6 weeks from your last treatment."

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I think the pictures are adorable. The rad. oncologist said that most people have lung nodules and if they are stable for two years are not of concern. Just thought I would share that. Saw him(with mom) this past Monday and he really does not recommend much of any studies(maybe a chest xray). That most people have lung nodules if they scanned everyone relaxed me?

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Lung nodules? Really not to worry? This is what I am most worried about. I need to ask my chemo oncologist about this again. I've got lots but they are not getting any bigger now that I'm on chemo. I think you just made my day. Mary Ann on San Francisco Bay

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I just found out last Friday that my mom's CT result showed a 1.2 cm sized nodule in the left lower lobe of her lung. It was a slight increase from the CT done in January. I called the oncologist and he wasn't concerned but of course I was. I haven't yet told my mom. Should I? Or wait until we see the radiation oncologist next Wednesday? After reading your post I feel a little less worried.

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A beautiful family born to a beautiful MOM!
You look wonderful and that smile is worthy of the NED Title. I'm sure that will be the case. Your smile is contageous...and we all need to smile.
I'll keep you in my daily prayers --

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You look so pretty and healthy, and your sons are so handsome!! What a beautiful family you have and look at their mom. A beautiful human being inside and out and it SHOWS!!
God Bless you,
Cookie :)

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Hair, hair, hair.... It looks beautiful! Mine has gotten so curley, thick and long that I'm thinking of getting a hair pick and making an afro. hahahahahahaha!

Have a wonderful weekend with the grandkids, I miss my grandsons in Texas.



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