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Well I am finishing up treatment #8. This time hasn't been bad except for the numbness in hands and feet. It has started in backs of my calves too. I get fanny pack unhooked tommorrow. I am going to see if we can reduce the dosage of the oxy next time, and see if that helps.I have noticed that several people can't finish all 12 of the oxy.For those that did complete all 12, did you have to reduce dosage or were you able to do the full treatment?

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Hi Carletta,
You are on the same schedule as my husband, he is hooked up to #8 today too. He is feeling a bit "sicker" today. He finally got some crackers and peanut butter down.
Take care.

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i just finished #8 last week,i am one of those people who only have 1 or 2 feel good days.my onc reduced my 5fu and it seemed to help a little.also she is stopping my treatments at 10,thank goodnes.you might want to talk to your doctor about that option.i am stage 3 with 5 out of 10 lymph nodes with bad cells.it may depend what stage you are.she also said 10 was just as sufficient as 12.hope you feel better soon and Godbless.......johnnybegood

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10 sounds good to me. I will ask about that and see what he says. I am stage 3 with 1 out of 61 lymph nodes affected.That is second time though. My first surgery was in 2007, and it was stage 1 with no lymph nodes. They said I didn't need any chemo, but it came back in a year. This time I am hoping and praying that it is all gone. I am sorry that you are having such a rough time. I will pray that it gets better. I have been so fortunate, that I haven't been sick except for one time. They give me aloxi and decadron before my treatments and it helps. Hang in there and it will soon be the last one.
God Bless You, Carletta

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Hi, Carletta

I finished up at #8 with Oxaliplatin and had to call it quits...no one at our cancer center ever made #12. Now, I can see why.

I always thought taking that drug was like playing russian roulette - you never knew which cycle was going to turn your side effects "permanent." That always concerned me greatly. I think it helped, but the price paid was steep.

I'm fortunate that I mostly recovered from the toxicity of that drug. It made me cold all over and even down here in the Texas summer, I would be in sweatpants and blankets with the temp up over 80 in the house.

I may have to start this again, but hoping that I will not have to.

Are they giving you Magnesium Sulfate? That helped with my Oxy symptoms - I've heard it does not help everybody, but it did me and would be worth asking about.

Just doing 8 of those Oxys is to be commended - congratulations!

My onc never reduced the dosage, because he told that it would then be of no value to take and you risk permanent side effects.

I'm hoping you make the best decision regarding doing more of it - that drug concerns me. I don't have symptoms like I used to because I've been off it about 7-8 months, but if they had become permanent side effects, I would have felt robbed.

All the best - Craig

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Posts: 184
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No, they are not giving me magnesium sulfate. I would really love to stop the oxy. It scares me . I would hate to have this numbness forever. I'm like you, how much is too much? Anyway, I plan on asking the dr. this Monday.
God Bless you, carletta

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Hi Carletta & Kathlene,
It sounds like all three of us are on the same schedule. Round #8 and I get my pump off tomorrow. I have had a reaction to the Oxy on my last two treatments. I don't really want to stop the Oxy so I think I will speak with my onc about cutting the dose down and see if that helps. Good luck to all.


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