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Increased incontinence

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Just wondering if anyone has noticed that they have had an increase in the amount of pads or leakage? I had Robotic surgery done on May 1 ,2009. The surgery was flawless and recovery has been good till now. My problem seems to be that over the past 3 to 4 days I have gone backward in the incontinence dept. I was using 3-4 pads a day now I need to use a disposal underwear with a boost pad in it.I have done Kegel exercise since May 13. Is it to early to be looking for improvement? Any thoughts? Please let me know. Thank you. Kevin

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You're right it's too early in the ballgame to tell--but if you want to see the ups and downs and path of incontinence, pull up my posts. I have been incontinent for 3 yrs, but I believe one way or another I'll lick this thing. I think my posts will help you. Hopefully in a few months you'll notice improvement, realisticallly, it's not uncommon the first 3 to 6 mos. I'm sure many others will chime in. Don't panic----you'll get through it.


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I have found several things effect me. Spicy food, tomato based products, caffine, chocolate, milk, pepsi, hot sauce, citrus juices..... my Dr told me these things irritate the bladder, and I notice when I have any of these I do have more trouble with control... but like lion1 was saying, it is too early to be concerned... good days and sometimes bad ones too...

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Kevin, I had my surgery 5 Mar and although I was leaking while I walked and stood for long periods of time, I had little to no difficulty sleeping or sitting down. I could pretty much hold it until I got to a bathroom when I woke up at night. Then after about a month, I started having difficulty holding it in when I got up at night and I also seemed to have periods when I leaked a little sitting down. I felt the same way, that I was moving backwards for some reason. Pad usage increased but there wasn't much I could do about it but keep doing my Kegals and keeping faith that it was only a temporary thing. I am somewhat pleased to say that I am making progress and can now hold large amounts for a long period of time, so when I get up at night or get up from my desk at work, I have little to no difficulty holding it until I get to the bathroom, so it did get better. It has given me new motivation to continue the Kegals and look forward to a day that I will be dry like many that have gone before me. For now, I have learned to deal with it on a daily basis. I still play sports with my son, take karate, snowboard, etc with little difficulty especially if I plan ahead of time. I have flown once since the operation and am flying to New York tomorrow again on business. I fly Southwest and tell the ticket agent at the gate that I have a medical condition that requires me to be in an isle seat near a bathroom which allows me to get a preboard ticket. I am sure that most if not all airlines will accommodate that. Bottom line is that I went through the same thing that you are experiencing. I didn't get completely discouraged and it got better. Keep the faith and keep doing the Kegals.


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Thanks Guys, I know that I can defeat this, it just seems that I have gone backwards in the past week.I'll continue doing the kegals and hope and pray for the best. Kevin

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I had my surgery on April 9th. I have also noticed that I leak more now than in the beginning, but not as much as you are. I have also noticed that I have to urinate more frequently during the day and if i dont rush to the bathroom I will leak. Somedays are better than others. My doctor tells me it will get better. I hope so, but I take this to cancer anytime.

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Much better in the past couple of days.I am going on a 300 mile motor cycle trip over the weekend.Hope it works. Will post results when I return.

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