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Colon with mets to both lungs - pain meds

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My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in April of 07. He has had 2 surgeries, chemo and radiation. At his 1 year check they found that the tumor was back in the colon and had many tumors in both lungs. He went through more chemo. He finished all the treatments he could take. The tumor in the colon is gone and the tumors in the lungs had shrunk about in half. About 2 weeks after he had completed the chemo, the tumors in the lungs had begun to grow. He was too weak to take more chemo at that time and the oncologist told him that the only other one they had for him was less effective and may not do anything at all. He is now having chest pains when he breaths and cannot take deep breaths. He is in so much pain. This is so hard. We have 5 kids and they had to see their dad sleep most of the day and in pain on Father's Day. Can anyone tell me what meds they have used to treat the pain?

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I would like to make a suggestion to you to get a second opinion...If for no other reason than to know that the doctors you are seeing are doing everything they can for your husband....You and your family will be in my prayers.....Also I know its hard but try and explain everything you can to your children (as much as they would understand) so there is no surpises and they can at least semiunderstand what is happening to their father......My daughter said she was glad I did that for here because she felt like she was part of everything that was happening to me and not an outsider...Good luck Julie

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I agree, I'd go elsewhere if they can't do a good job controlling his pain, I'm Stage 4 cc, with a tumor in my liver, and I am on Oxycontin and Morphine, and I am rarely in pain, maybe a little stab pain in the side here and there, but my doctor said I would feel the chemo killing the cancer, and that's what the pain was also, they are doubling my dosage this week, since the more I go, the more accumulative the chemo is getting where the immediate release morphine isn't working as well, so they are going to review my dosage just to make sure the pain meds work for me.

I'm sorry for his pain, it's sad to see especially on Father's Day, I hope he gets his pain controlled soon, and hopefully starts feeling better.


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I just want to say that you and your family are in my prayers.


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I agree with the second opinion plan. Consider contacting Heinz Lenz, MD at University Southern California in Los Angeles When I needed a second opinion I emailed him and he emailed back in the middle of the night and as soon as my records arrived he saw me. Folks come from all over the world to see him as he is a medical oncologist who sees patients and does research. He is fabulous about folks from long distances who get his opinion and then go back "home" to have it implemented by local doctors. At the very least be sure you are being seen at a National Cancer Institute designated Cancer Center which will be a teaching university hospital. See the NCI website for a list of those closest to you.
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In July 2006 I wa diagnosised with Colon Cancer Stage 4, w/Met to liver. Went through 12 sessions of Chemo after resection and node removal from liver. My doctor gave me web site ww.PLDC.org as reference...80% will have recurrence within 2 years. I give all thanks and praise to God. In May 2009 I was diagnosised with a small tumor in the lower lobe of the right lung, treatment was a Thoracoscopic Resection. A few days ago I found that this was an unnecessary operation (note site:http://patient.cancerconsultants.com/colon_cancer_news.aspx?DocumentId=43613#_ednref1 ).

During this period of almost 3 years of being Cancer-free I give all credit to God for giving me the guidance and wisdom to follow many complimentary and support measures to help my immune system. I gave up all red meat, alcohol, simple sugar foods, excercised vigorously 30 minutes at least 6 days a week. I recieved counsel from two nutritional dietictians...one of the most important nutrition guidlines was to follow the berry and yoghurt diet (note site: http://www.cancercompass.com/message-board/message/single,5850,1.htm). I started this diet during the latter portion of my chemo.

Lastly I recommend getting a 2d Opinion.

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