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Ports and Mesothelioma

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My father has Mesothelioma - Asbestos Cancer. He has had 1 Chemo treatment about 10 days ago. He doesn't have a Port and so far has pretty good veins. His treatments are every 3 weeks and could go indefinitely. His Chemo treatments consist of Alimta & Cisplatin. Would appreciate anyone and everyone's input on the pros and cons of the Port. Thanking you all in advance.

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AZ, last summer I had surgery for peritoneal mesothelioma and a port was put in place during my hospital stay and while I was still pretty well "out" from the surgery. My oncologists just told me that it was necessary I have a port since I would be doing chemo indefinitely with this disease. I'm glad that I've had the port, because my veins are getting a workout just with the blood tests between and before infusions. My only complaint with the port is how the location high on my right chest confines me to certain neckline clothing styles to prevent it from being visible. It is not flush with my chest, thus took a bit to get used to it. Having it is convenient when I go for treatments and saves time.

Bless your father and much good fortune to him!

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I have a Xcela power injectable port, which is completely under the skin just above my breast. It is very small and fairly new. It was put in by a local hospital by order of my oncologist before I started chemo for non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. For me it worked very well. Point of entry is uncomfortable, (when inserting needle into opening of port) but after that is no problem. Now that I am in remission (as of 4/09) I have to have it flushed once a month. Will have the port for at least a year (guess in case of another occurrence of NHL.) Main reason for me having port is that I don't have big, easily accessible veins, never have and now that I am older my veins are more difficult to access. Can't think of a con, to me is better than constant resticking every time have chemo or blood draw. (except for finger prick for CBC).

Good wishes and prayers for you and your father.


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