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Which type of radiation to use

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Does anyone know what criteria they use to determine if you need brachytherapy and/or external radiation? I am still in chemo but trying to think ahead.

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My understanding is that the type of radiation is determined based on what your post-hysterectomy pathology seemed to be showing. If you had microscopic cancer cells in the 'wash' or in any lymph nodes from your pelvic area, they may recommend external pelvic radiation to zap any stray cancer cells hiding in the peritoneal cavity. If your cancer looked like it was trying to travel downward into the cervical canal, or if your cancer was picked up in a Pap test, then internal brachy may be suggested to protect you against a recurrance at the vaginal cuff (a VERY common recurrance site). And I think that sometimes it is just the preferred protocol of the involved oncologist. I am having external and brachy, and I think most of the women posting here with UPSC Stage III got both internal & external radiation. I feared the radiation side effects more than the chemo, but I had my last of 28 rounds of external pelvic radiation on June 9th, and already feel 100% recovered from that. And I had my 1st of 3 rounds of internal brachy last Wednesday, and have no side effects of any kind from that 1st round, so I am optimistic that I will handle the last 2 rounds just fine. I hope for the same for you, too.

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Thanks Linda. You are amazing. I will continue to ask questions and be informed. You are certainly an inspiration.

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After surgery I was diagnosis with Stage 1A UPSC, the oncologist said that she say no cancer therefore I would not have to have any chemo or radiation. Well.... the pathologist found a tumor that was less than 1/2 inch and bearly touching my cervix (clear cell) which made me Stage IIA. Had four rounds carbo/taxol and three rounds of internal radiation.



(Love your pic, you look terrific)

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I would hate to be a pathologist. You would find things like your clear cell tumor that nobody wants to hear about. Of course, they do their part in keeping us alive....

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