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Port Question... and Chemo Question

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Hey everybody!,

Just got back from MD Anderson yesterday. It is sooooo good to be home. I had a terrible time getting this port functioning. They ended up putting in a temp. pick line until this port heals and removed it before I left. Anyway, I finally got to remove the dressing on the port (except for the steri-strips) and wash the area. I noticed there is a wire sticking out of the incision.... what is this??? Man, I am still so friggin sore in that area and I sure hope it heals before my next chemo in 2 weeks.

Also, I had my chemo wednesday... when will I get sick or have side effects?

Thank ya guys!!


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Hi Jennie,

Do you know what sort of port you have? My first port was a Hickman, and there is an elaborate system of 'wires' hanging out of you -- but you'd know it (I had a special pouch made for the contraption). But these days I believe most people have a port-a-cath or similar -- which shd be completely imbedded under the skin -- no wires sticking out. Mine feels like an old-fashioned bottle top, just under my skin. I don't want to sound alarmist but your situation sounds 'not right' to me. Can you call or contact someone right away?

As for the chemo -- if you aren't feeling side effects now, that is great news!! Everyone is different -- I hope and pray you are one of those who is relatively spared (I was!). For some people the side effects are cumulative but for others pretty consistent.

Best wishes,


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My husband took a close look at the "wire" and he said it looks like a stitch to him.... my bad....

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I thought it was for your iPod

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