Hormone Replacement Therapy

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I know that it is not recommended for us to take traditional hormone replacement like estrogen, but have any of you heard anything about androgen or testosterone replacement? I am trying to research it a little, but doesn't look like it's been done long. Not much long term data.
The reason I started looking was that I read about it in a caring4cancer magazine. Sounds kind of promising for energy, muscle mass retention, libido...
If anyone finds any interesting info on the subject or know anyone who is using androgen supplements, please share.


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    androgen therapy

    I know testosterone is not approved for women without cancer yet for libido. They tried to get it passed by FDA in 2008 I believe but did not get it approved. It is still sometimes used with androgel or estratest (which has estrogen in it) but this is off label use. Exercise has been proven to increase energy, muscle mass, and libido! And they're talking sweating here! I would try this before I would try testosterone or adrogen type drug. There is often conversion in the body back and forth with testotsterone and estrogen. To me it's probably not worth the risk. But keep gathering info.