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Can't find local support

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I am very frustrated by the lack of local support for lymphoma patients! I am a single mom, and I am currently in treatment for aggressive B-cell NHL. I also just got laid off from my job.

I have searched ACS and the local area for support groups, financial, and childcare help and it seems like all the organizations within an hour drive of me are specific to other types of cancer. (My treatments are keeping me pretty weak and I don't feel like driving very far.) There are some wonderful orgs that help families with sick children and breast cancer patients here, but they won't help me.

Why aren't these organizations helpful to ALL cancer patients? Is there anyone else who has found this problem ~ what did you do to find help?

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Hi Lelah,

It can be very fustrating fighting NHL and losing your job. I'm sorry you are hit with both at once. I've been there. Blood cancer survivors have the only association to provide financial assistance to its survivors.

The Leukemia and Lymphoma society has two programs that you may be eligible for. There is a local co-pay assistance programs that will reimburse meds and dr co-pays. They will reimburse or pay up to $200.00 (ck with the agency with the amt). There is also a National Co-pay program that will pay/reimburse up to $5,000.00. They also have financial asst program to reimburse milage to and from treatment appts and approved support group meeting. I received some literature that there will be some type of change in one of the programs. So, please give them a call to obtain the latest information.

Here is the link: http://www.leukemia-lymphoma.org/hm_lls

I have applied and have been accepted in all programs. It really does help with medical (including COBRA) bills.

The new fiscal year begins July 1st. So, I am glad you wrote this blog. You will be just in time to receive matterial from them and apply by July 1st.

LLS is also great at referring you to any support centers that may be in your area. They referred me with my support center which helps me psychologically. LLS were a blessing to me from the beginning of my fight with NHL. Please contact them to obtain information about these programs and address any addt'l concerns to see if and how they may assist you.

The ACS has a Road to recovery program that will drive you too and from your treatments. Please contact them about that program. I have used them twice, but found it was better for me to drive myself. But it was good to know they were there if I really needed them.

LLS is the best starting point.

Be blessed

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Excellent resources.

Thank you so much. I will definitely look into that.

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