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41 yr old Male 4cm Left Kidney cancer found on incidental ct scan - anyone like me out there?

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Hello, I am a 41 year old male who is in good physical shape with no history of cancer. I do not smoke or drink often and have no history of high blood pressure or diabetes. I was having intermittent indigestion from what I thought were certain foods that didn't agree with me. I finally was convinced by my wife to go to the doctor to check things out. My doctor thought a CT scan would be a good idea to see what was going on since the issue was occuring for a few months. I drank the iodine and had the scan. I was playing golf with my boss and got the call from my doctor to come in as soon as possible to review the scan due to "abnormal" results. My wife picked me up on hole 14 and we went to see the doctor. She came into the room and looked very sad and told me I had gall stones. I thought ok I may have to have my gall bladder out...no big deal. She then said we also found a 4cm mass on your left kidney and the radiologist is fairly certain it is renal cell carcninoma. My only response was..... WHAT? She said you have kidney cancer. My wife starts crying and I just stare at her and say are you sure you have the correct report? I have no symtoms. She said you are very lucky that we had the ct scan and we found it early. She said that I would probably have to have my kidney removed. Anyway she gave us the referal to the urologist and we left the office stunned. I asked my wife to take me back to the golf course and I finished the round at hole 18. We met with two Urologists and both recommend a laprascopic partial naphrectomy. The Urologist thinks he can perform a partial naphrectomy of my "golf ball" sized tumor although it is on the back side of the kidney and may require a conventional approach (open surgery) if he has difficulty during the robotic surgery. I should have the surgery in mid July 2009.

I was wondering if there is anyone out there that has a similar story or who had the surgery to discuss and compare notes??


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Hi Donna,

It seems like you are holding up and doing pretty well compare to others. Are you on any medical treatments after the major tumor and its offspring nodules surgeries? If not, you are one of the stronger cases beating the statistics. Mine was T2N0M1 and have not on any medical treatments since. It reoccurred in my July check-up but shrunk a bit last month as to flunked my screening test for RAD001 clinical trial. It makes me wonder that self-healing may very well be possible for us even with mets.

Be very positive everyone,

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Thanks Donna for your reply.

Finding support? No one has even suggested that and where do I start to find support groups? I have a few friends and a few church friends but where do I find support groups for RCC. I find lots of support things for Breast cancer patients, I guess I got the wrong kind. LOL I find nothing for RCC though, not even the hospital gave me any ideas about what to do now.

I have always been in great health until this. How do you go from being a 54 years with great health, taking no meds for anything, to being a person who just had their Kidney removed from RCC. I'm still in shock! It is the pain in my right side that confirms that this isn't a bad dream.

Any suggestions would be helpful.


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Hi, my husband is a Marine (no such thing as an ex-Marine) and served in Vietnam from 68-72 with a year in Vietnam. Quang Tri and Dong HA, Da Nang. 9 years ago kidney cancer was found by a fluke and we were lucky. Marvin lost a kidney to cancer but it does not stop there. Since then he has developed many other health issues of which the VA claims no responsibility. I have researched every thing I can about AO and one of the things I have found was AO was mixed with jet fuel so the AO would adhere to the foliage and it also adheres to humans who walk through the foliage. Jet Fuel has a large component of Benzene. Benzene causes Liver, stomach, kidney and esophageal cancer.

We have hired an attorney and he is sure this will come through in two to five years. Also if anyone was stationed in camp LeJune you need to quickly seek out an attorney who can help you file to be part of the class action suite that is in the works.

Good luck to you

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Why on earth would you dig out a thread that died more than three years ago and has absolutely no connection whatsoever with your subject to make this posting? It makes no sense at all.

Fortunately there are several threads already here, of which several are currently in use, that are right on for your message. I'll re-post there for you, suz, so that you can see the discussions so far and people can contact you about your intended class action.

There are many vets who've been abominably treated, like your Husband, and we will all be wishing you every success in getting long overdue justice for them.

I hope anyone interested in this topic will post on the thread devoted to the subject and let this thread die again.


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