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Colon check up Flyer

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I was just at safeway getting somethings and saw a letter just like a flyer talking about colon screeening and getting checked. Well I found a piece of paper and wrote a note above it that said Please get checked, if you this this is just for older people, your wrong, I was DX at 38, getting tested can save your life, so please take one!!!!

Just thought I would share that..


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I think that was very cool of you do it, and so true, lots of young adults who think they can't get this type of cancer till they're old! Hope you had a nice day out Beth, the weather was gorgeous, but too HOT today :)


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But I did enjoy the ride. it was a short one because I was so tired and the heat kills me. I think I have pretty much just slept this week away, I cant remember much of it. But oh well Wendy says I need the rest and not to worry so much about being tired, just rest when you need to. So thats what I have been doing. The test is in the morning. SO heading to bed tonight to get a good night sleep, its an early appointment and an hour drive away.

Talk to you later

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I share my story with everyone and I strongly urge them to get checked. I especially tell them that if they ever just don't feel something is right then get to the Dr. NOW!

More of us need to speak up and let the public know!


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Especially the younger ones, that shoot the ripe age of 50 out of the water, I was 38 and I know there are some here that are close to that or younger...I see all kinds of commerials on differnt types of cancer but not colon cancer, not since Katey Curric's husband died about 10 years ago. We need to get the info out there some how...


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that you posted that note at the store,more people need to be educated about colon cancer,I know people as young as 24 being dx with colon cancer,cancer dosn't care how old you are.I think you are right,they need to put out more information.Good luck on your test

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I agree, I see commercials for other cancers but not colon. I wonder why the ACS doesent do that or is there a different orginatization that just deals with colon cancer that should be putting the word out more. I am curious to see if the sign is still there when I go there today.

God Bless

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Hello Beth,
They have been running some pretty good TV adds and newspaper adds up here in Utah concerning Colon cancer screening. They have a humorous take on it which gets peoples attention. Thought you might be interested.


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