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I had a colonoscopy on Friday the 13th this past year, no polyps, do not have to have another one for 3 years.

I go monday for a Cat Scan on My left lung, found 2 nodules in the left lung base, I am scared that I have lung cancer, have been coughing a lot lately.

I had a sister that passed away last month from Ovarian Cancer, as a survivor of Colon Cancer, I have bee dreaming a lot about dying of cancer.

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Hi, Ladybug
Do you know if the nodules or in your lung? Or are they on the pleura, the lining outside of your lungs?

I've got 2 spots that showed up in the pleura of my lung, so I understand your concern. I've got a 2nd opinion and am currently waiting on the doctor to review my case file and present his findings back to me.

It's scary of course, but I've got to find out what's it all about and what the new doctors see and what their ideas are - they differ so much from original onc.

I'm told for me it may eventually be a chest surgery followed by more chemo. But it looks like no to radiation, which is good. I've had it in the lower half of my body, but don't want my lungs and heart messed up from that stuff.

If I find something else out, I'll post. Praying for you and for the strength to handle the situation.


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Don't read to much into dreams....Having it on your mind makes you dream of it..I would try not to think about it so much and do things to get it off your mind....Yes its scarey but as a survivor already you can fight this too...You will prevail!!!!

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