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Juicing recipes??

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I need some help from fellow juicers. I want to start juicing more, but especially during my chemo weeks, the thought of fresh juice nauseates me and speeds up the diarreah (sp?). Does anyone have any good recipes that they use that are mild for starters? My goal is during the rest of chemo to juice 2 times a day, then when I am done with chemo to really go full force.

And even ideas for shakes? Can you make protien shakes with fresh juice? I hav protien powder, but I can not do Ensure. I tried but I just can't drink that stuff.

Or any ideas on recipe books or websites......it's time I take my body back with diet and exercise!!!


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I like the following combinations
carrot apple cucumber

sometimes a beet, a little garlic and ginger

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Nana b
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Your'e proably not ready for the greens, but apples and carrots are are always in my juicers, from thre I take off with fruit that is in season, apricots, plums, peaches, srawberries, cheerie, oranges, blue berries. No bananas, they will mess up your juicer. As for shackes ddon't forget the coldnest of the drink may affect you. I walked into Ross stores and there I found juicing book for $4. I would recommend you walk in to a store a buy one. I like pictures and books that have what I like to drink, some of them get pretty fancy.

The apricots and plums may give you gas. Oranges and bluee berries are really good for you.

For greens, I juice Kale, collard greens, bok choy, baby spiniach, and I had an apple for a bit of sweetness, soemone on line to told me that. Cucumbers are good too. I have not tried sweet potatoe or yams, but I do eat them baked.......

I have heard that ginger is good for yu, but I alwasys seem to forget it.

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I have the jacklane juicer and i'm loving it. I do ten fruits and vegetables.
carrot good for eyes and skin
beets, very good to bust your hemoglobin
spinash, bust your hemoglobin
kale, anti cancerous
brocoli, anti cancerous
dark red grape, also said to be good for cancer
green apple, same thing
green beens
purple cabbage, anti cancerous
Taste was not too savory, but you can eliminate celery for a better taste.
buen provecho!

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Nana b
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4-6 lemons
1-2 apples
2 carrots
1 whole beet with greens
and a piece of fresh ginger the size of your thumb

I've never had to take a single nausea pill

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Hi Linda!

Carrot/apple/ginger seems to be a good starter juice. The carrots are colon cancer killers and the ginger helps nausea. The apple is for taste.

Then slowly add greens you can tolerate: spinach, kale, parsley.....first one, then work up to all three to the point where you're drinking more green than orange. My 9 yr old actually prefers more green so for hers I add romaine lettuce. You may want to start with romaine. I just thought of that. It's milder and nicely green without overpowering like the kale can be. I applaud anyone who can juice broccoli. I cannot.

Celery will add some salty flavor so just one stalk.

Beets will knock your socks off so just a little piece to start and build up to 1/4. They will rock your liver!

For a glorious summer lemonade juice 1/4 lemon to 4 apples (give or take depending on how you like it).


You're lucky you can't do the Ensure. It's just sugary flavored vitamin drink. I'm told Carnation instant breakfast is the same thing, cheaper and probably just as full of vitamins. But neither is probably optimal for pure nutrition.

There's an excellent protein powder (taste wise and full of fiber, yea!) by NOW called Vegan-Food or something like that.

1 frozen banana
1 c blue berries
1-2 scoop NOW protein powder
handful of spinach
1 T flax oil and/or flax seeds
1 T wheat grass powder
8+oz almond milk


I take overripe bananas and peel and break them into chunks and stick them in the freezer for my smoothies. Makes it like ice cream.

This is what I live on during the summer--smoothies and juice (and salads and garbanzo bean pasta salad and fish and avacados and black bean veggie wraps. Dang, I just love good food!)

peace, emily who now has to go eat something after posting this.....drool.....

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Ensure kept me alive for three months. If I hadn't had Ensure and Boost to drink, I'm sure my chemo would have killed me. I couldn't eat anything solid for three months. It was almost that long before I could drink anything cold. I have to say Ensure at room temperature is not the most tasteful thing in the world, but it kept me alive. When I could drink cold, I tried Carnation Instant Breakfast but it just made me more nauseated.
My doctor told me my taste buds were permanently "fried" but he told me I had to force myself to eat. What was the good of forcing myself to eat, if the food came right back up? I can eat almost anything now, except salty foods. Maybe my salt taste bud is the only one "fried"?


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...as soon as things stop tasting like metal after this round of chemo I am going to try these!

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