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Hi you all.

I recently posted my Diagnose of Lung Mass.

I am confused. My 2.9cm tumor/mass was diagnosed after a C Scan on May 15, 2009 however, going back to old records and X rays, we found that 18 months ago this mass was detected as a 2.5cm mass, but no one did anything about it and the records were not sent to my Doctor. 18 months later when I had Pneumonia, it was detected on the C scan as a 2.9cm mass. A few days later June 16, 2009 was confirmed on a PETScan as a 3.04cm mass. My confusion is: These cancer signs are to be handled immediately but mine went for 18 months with no action from any Doctor. I am still one month after the confirmation and Doctors are now actin on it. My Thoracic Dr. wil see me on Monday June 22, and my oncoolgyst feels that I am at an early stage????

How can my tumor be so bad... if so..., when 18 months ago was already there and has grown very little since then?????? How bad can this be???? Doctors will not compromise an answer.

Can anyone think of an answer for this?

Thanks. DonCarlos.


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    Hey there
    My mom had a similar experience and when I did research on her cancer, we found it was a very slow growing cancer that does not travel to any other parts of the body. It sounds almost identical to what she whent thru. Hers though had been in there for almost 2 years before they looked at it and said they think it is cancer and then started doing tests to confirm. There are so many different types of cancer out here. The best thing you can do is be proactive and contact your local cancer center. Schedule a time to go talk to someone there that can give you answers. I think the internet has some good stuff, but alot of it is just statistcal and not what real people deal with. It can give you ideas, but you really should go talk to the cancer center experts. Stay aggressive with what YOU want done, not neccessarily what the doctors are telling you. Remember, YOU hired them to help you and if they are not doing what you feel is right for you, find a different physician. People tend to forget that they have rights to their bodies and what they feel is going to work best for them.
    By the way, I am a lung cancer survivor. I was diagnosised 5 months ago and had my left upper lobe removed. I am doing great and getting stronger everyday!
    Best of everything for you DonCarlos.
    Please post again so I can keep track and pray for you.
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    I followed it up immediately and had a PETscan, which confirmed the cancer. I am scheduled for surgery on Tuesday June 30, 2009, at Rober Wood Johnson. They will be taking the upper lobe of my right lung. Mine is at level 2, so itlooks like we got it early although it was there a long time.

    Thanks for the support.