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What to do about the pain?

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My mom has stage 3 lung cancer with secondary bone cancer, she is in excruciating pain, she has become immobile in just 3 weeks and they have given her oxycodone, loratab, robaxin, trimadol..and none of it even touches the pain...we have to help her to the restoom, dress her, help her sit etc...all with the excruciating pain...
what has worked for you to lessen the pain?
she is 72 and was diagnosed 3 weeks ago with lung cancer...pain started immediately in her leg but dr.'s kept ignoring it...I finally asked for a mri yesturday and it confirmed the cancer in her leg...she also has a shoulder with the same symptoms as her leg, she gets a pet scan on monday to see how much further it has progressed.

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My husband has bone cancer too. Very painful- I am so sorry for your mom.
He has the best relief from RX strength(800 mg) of ibuprofen.
Along with oxycontin 30 mg slow release- (2X daily).
It seems odd that ibuprofen would work so well, but it makes the pain tolerable.
I sure hope that helps-
Take care,

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We went thru this same problem! My husband could not move without help! He was in so much pain he could not sit, stand, or lay down in bed. The cancer is in his spine and it makes it difficult to move! We tried all of these same meds, with no progress! The Dr finally gave us patches(Fentinol 100 mgs) and he wears 3 at a time and they last for 72 hrs, plus the oxycodone hydrochloride oral solution 20 mgs and he takes two 1 ml syringes every four hours as needed for the pain! This combination seems to be helping him along with the chemo he is getting now in the clinical trial! I hope this info helps! I know how frustrating it is to watch someone you love hurt so badly! God Bless you for taking care of your Mother and we will include you both in our prayers! Bye for now, Brenda

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Thank u for sharing. My Mom, has it in the spine and has moved inside the bones. it originated in the sinuses as a sarcoma. super rare as well. She is in a hospice just dealing with the pain. Ibuprofen(anit-inflamitory drugs) also seems to have worked wonders compared to other pain killers, but not always. I guess there is inflimation that is pushing on the nerves. Prayer goes out to you all on here who are looking for answers.

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My husband was diagnosed in 2007 with stage 3 lung cancer. He was not a candidate for surgery so he was treated with radiation and chemo. Over the past few months he has developed pain in his right hip. The pain has become so acute that he can barely walk at times. Finally, he is going to have a CT scan to verify what is going on. He had blood work today, but all the signs are pointing to bone cancer. Right now he is taking Percocette and using Lydocaine patches. He needs sleeping pills to sleep at night and is fatigued all the time. His appetite is going too. I hate seeing him in pain and I hope that there is something that can be done.

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iam so sorry to here youre husband is in so much pain.my prays will go with u and youre family .i was told i had lung cancer in 2009 and and their is know treat meatment for mine not even clinic trais .i have just here lately be hurting in my hip and bottom of my leg right one .i have basal cell carcinoma from the skin and it mestatased to my lungs.keep me in youre prays only three hundred case where dovment since 1895.very rare so if you here og anyone that has this type of cancer please let me knoe.i love youll e praying for u and youre husband and i will praying that god will heal him and take the pain away.shirley

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rocket baby
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My husband has gone to get an MRI on his lower back and hips twice. The first time he was unable to lie still enough to get the MRI. He was sent to another facility where they could put him on a padded bed and he still couldn't finish the MRI. He was in excruciating pain even though he had taken a double dose of oxycondone. I don't know what they are going to do next but we need to know what is going on. Every day that passes I'm afraid he is just getting sicker. He looks and feels awful. Does anybody have any idea what might be done so that we can know what is going on?

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Hi! My sister was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and she had terrible pains. She took a lot of pills too but they didn't have so much effect. In a few weeks she became immobile and very depressed. Her oncologist recommended her to take some pain management courses and she did. After two weeks she started to walk and to feel better.

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