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Swollen sinus and ear pain from radiation

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Checking to see if anyone has had issues with their sinus's after radiation treatments to their Head/Neck. My treatment was directed at my sinuses and lymphs, but I still have issues with my sinus's not draining and water building up cause severe ear and sinus pain... any suggestions on what I can do to help it would be appreciated.

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SIRENA42. I had 25 radiation treatments to my face. Half of my sinus is now scar tissue. I use the sinus rinse that you can buy at most drug stores. It helps some but its never going to fix the problem. And I have been through a couple yeast infections in my inner ear. Good luck. Slickwilly

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Well I use my sinus rinse daily, my doc wants to remove the scar tissue in October, maybe it will get better after than. Thanks Slick!

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If you need help with ear drainage, check about putting in an ear tube. I had one put in several years back. I have a huge syringe, and I clear my sinuses morning and night. Just with plain warm water, but at least two to three squirts in each nostril. My radiation oncologist told me to keep it up so that I won't get any infection.

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Yes I've had sinus pain and pressure ever since after chemo therapy and radiation therapy in 2012.

But since the second week November and last month and this month I have been suffering from sinus pain and pressrue and also ear pressure and light headedness and some nausa and some congestion at night when I go to bed to lay down I have a hard time breathing.  I had to change regluar doctors because my nurse praction didnt eve exam me when I was waiting in the exam room for over two hours. And my recent new doctor just told me that I have migraine headaches when I don't even have them! Even though he perscribed me medicine for it. He also told me asked me if I was taking Sudafed perscription and I told him that I was! He than asked me if it is helping me at all. I told him no. So than he told me that if I don't get better that he want's me to see him again so he can refer me to an E.N.T. ! And I like this suggestion. yours truly;Jenny Kilpatrick

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Hi Jenny,

This is an old post.  You can get more responses if you start a new one.

I had surgery, chemo and rads in 2007 for tonsil cancer.  Lost my hearing some because of the chemo, and got an ear doctor to check my ears regulary.

Then, had hypopharnx cancer in 2014 - and had a total laryngectomy.  Since then, I've had problems w/ my right ear - pressure and more hearing loss.  My surgeon ENT didn't see anything, so I went back to my ear ENT - I had fluid in my ear - and have a tube in it.  Still having problems - goes between clogged and draining, but at least it doesn't hurt w/ the tube releaseing the pressure. (Oh, and that pressure causes dizziness - and just plain not feeling good).

Anyway - could be you need to see an ear specialist, and not a throat specialist.

Lorna 2007 & 2014

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