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Want to say Hi to everyone and share little of my story

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After two years and four months, i finally decided to join a network where i can talk to people im related to, to share my story and to learn from them. I can tell you that i wish i had done it long before because by reading some of the posts i got good insight and they really encouraged me to fight, specially when i read that the stats on the net are really oudated. I have been strong and optimistic through all this but sometimes when you read things that are depressing and discouraging specially when they come from good sources, you kinda wonder. I want to say thank you to all of you really thank you!
There was a time in my life that i thought i went through the worst, but the worst had yet to come. So many bad things had crossed the path of my life that i almost didn't think that another bad thing was going to happend. just to say a few, I lost my mother after only knowing her for three years and i was thirteen when she passed away. i never knew my father, and i don't have any blood related family close to me, only some friends that i called familly. And believe there are other things that i chose not to mentioned now or may be for later.
I came here to this country to better my life, but it's been so hard because i couldn't get my document paper straight till then. Well i was able to go to school because my dream is to become a registred nurse so i managed to pay by working hard and doing almost all type of job. When i was so close to make it to the program, i mean i completed all my requirements and i was about to start nursing classes and clinical then cancer strike.
I was so focus to make it or to make an identity for myself i was barely taking care of myself, i mean i was constipated for the longest and even when i started to see trace of blood in my stool and pain in my abdomen, it took me awhile to go to see a doctor. Couple weeks after i saw my doctor, he suggested a colonoscopy which i did and that's when i found out that i had a stage 3c colon cancer. It was Feb. 07, then a week later i had surgery and went on folfox for six months with the hope that it would be the last time. But a year after i started to get seek again with stiff abdomen and nausea so i went to the emergency room just to find out that i had endocarcinoma with colonic cells. The tumor was right in my pelvic area, this time it was no joke, i spent a month and half in the hospital. I had fluid in my belly, lung and i had so many parasentesis done before i was able to go to surgery. Finally in may, 08 i had a complete Hysterectomy then i was put on folfiri for six months , but i only completed 10 out 12 chemo due to side effect. Well it was not gonna stop there last April after a routine checkup they spotted two lesions on my right lobe liver, but i just now started chemo last week because i couldnt get the drug approve, the company refused to approve it although my social worker and my doctor did all they can to help me out so at the end i had to go to bellevue because they have a program for undocumented immigrant with no insurrance. I can tell you herbitux is no joke man...i was warn for the rash, but i wasn t prepare for that type of rash Wooooooooooey...Ironitican is a killer too, i had it before and i'm having it now too and it doesn't look good for me. I don t know yet for how long im gonna be on chemo but i will take it as long as my body can handle it and as long as they want to give it to me. At this point all i can say BRING IT ON!
let me tell you this and people ask me the same thing all the time HOW YOU DO IT? I don't know how i do it, all i know is the Man upthere has a lot to do with it. These are some unfortunate events in my life, but you know what i know i don't have it worst. there are many who have it worst than me. people with terminal cancer or with rare form of cancer, little kids who are dying from preventable disease or from hunger i mean the list goes on. I don't have it worst, we don't have it worst. so with this mindset we can fight this, we can get the strenght and courage we need to fight this fool disease.

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To the best site on the planet......Sorry that we have to meet this way but glad you finally made it in here. We are a rough crowd, kinda like brothers and sisters. We love,fight,hug,vent,scream,cry,laugh,and sometimes even do a naked dance, but above all we care very much about each other and we hold nothing back either. Glad that you have finally made the commitment to come in and see us, we've been waiting on ya. Grab a chair and relax, its a long journey but it will be so much easier now that your here, your now in the company of all the family you will ever need. You are now considered a "Semi Colon" an exclusive club that only very few privelaged people are allowed into. Welcome Home..... :)

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Thank you to all of you, thank you for the sweet and warm welcome. Im already feel home and I feel that strong bond as if i know you for long...awsome...ONE FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE!!!
Love you all


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Hi Christelle,
You are one strong lady. I am so glad you found this site although I am sorry that you had to find it b/c of the cc. I hope we can provide support for you along your journey. You are obviously a fighter and you have a wonderful attitude.
We're here for you.

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Glad you found us, just wish it were for a better reason. I am sorry about your past as well, and your right there are many of us that have it worse, but yet we go on and fight.

I not sure if I understand your document issue, but I happen to be an immigration officer and if there is anything I can do to help please let me know. I might not be able to do it myself but I am sure I can get you into contact with someone who can help you. If I misunderstood and you already have your papers then please just disregard.

God Bless ya

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That's very kind and sweet of you for trying to help me on that matter. we sure do need to talk more. Tanks again

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and we can exchange emails and talk anytime you need to okay.


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Hi, I'm sorry that you've had such a hard time with things. You have had alot to deal with in a short period of time, but as you've said you don't have it as bad as some others. We always think things are bad with our lives till we hear what others are dealing with. We never know how strong we are until we have no choice but to be strong. I really think a good attitude is a big part of it, and you seem to have a good attitide regardless of what comes your way.Sending good vibes your way, keep the faith.


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Hi, I just found this site on June 9th myself. Have not had a chance to talk to everybody, but I've talked with several. It's a great place to visit and get an understanding of what other people are going through and the experiences everyone has had, and what types of medicines and treatments we've done.

You've taken quite a lick, but you made it to the right place. As you said, wish I had found this site when I first started. It lets you know you're not alone and people are with you.

Best of luck and I'll pull for your full recovery.


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Hi Christellabelle (beautiful name!)

Thank you for responding to my post so promptly, earlier today (yesterday?). Welcome to this board although sorry you have occasion to be here. I started coming here about 6 years ago!! (when I was diagnosed with Stage III rectal cancer). It has been a wonderful source of both practical information and emotional support. We can be a wacky bunch, but always a well-meaning one. I am sorry for the ups and downs you have been through. But I can tell from your message that you are a person with spirit, and a very positive atttitude -- yes -- all of that. You will find many friends and much support here, with kindred spirits. BRING IT ON! yes. How do we do it? I get asked that all the time. I am no hero. I just put one foot in front of the other, and try to convince myself to cross the threshhold of that hospital door (without vomiting ha ha) and I DO. And you do too.

Wishing you all the best,


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Paula G.
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My husband was DX stage 4 last November. I found this site and joined to get some hope and advice and I have found a lot of it. Above all I found friends. My husband joined also and it has helped him too.

You sound like such a strong lady and that will get you a long way. Welcome!!Paula G.

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and welcome the best internet family you will find. We are here for you anytime you need support, guidance, laugh, cry, whine, joke, *****, etc.

I am sorry for so many bumps in your road, but it sounds like you are ready an geared for the journey. I will say a prayer for you for guidance, support and help.

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Hugs Christelle,
I don't know why life is so mean to some people ,it gets very hard when a good day is when nothing really bad happens. All I can do is to wish you peace and that something extrordinary develops to help you in the very near future. I have beaten stage3c colon ca . I have no idea why . Perhaps ca had one chop at me and decided I tasted bad. I have been ca free for over 11 years ,I had none of the modern chemo drugs and got through on an old mix of 5fu and stuff called levamisole,better known as a cattle drench,good luck and keep on fighting there is always one more tomorrow,ron.

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Hi Christelle and welcome! you are lovely looking, and you have a great energy about you! Glad you found us, I sure do know how people have had it way worse then me, I think about that everyday, that I may be sick, but there are sicker and starving children and adults around the world, I rarely complain and just try to get myself through the day, I'm blessed just to open my eyes each day to be here again for my kids, I don't ever take anything for granted.

Your past is alot like mine, my mother died when I was 16, she was only 40, and I know it's rough growing up without a mom, I don't want that for my kids, so I am fighting to stay here for as long as I can with them. Hope you stay around and post here, you have wonderful things to say!


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Hi, Christelle.

You are beautiful, and your name is lovely, as well. I'm sorry for the reason you gave to be here, but I'm glad you've found us.

It sounds like you've had such a tough time in so many ways. I'll be praying that life will hand you some good fortune very soon.

I look forward to getting to know you better.


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Sorry you had to find the board under these circumstances, but we have all been brought here for the same reason. I have loved it here, the people are so caring and truly understand the big picture and are very supportive. I wish I would have found the board from the beginning of my battle it would have made it easier.


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All I can do is echo what others have said - beautiful name, glad you found us, sorry you have to be here, but if there is anyplace one has to be, this is a great place! I was diagnosed last November and this lovely crowd helped me through most all of my chemo (I finally spoke up after my 2nd treatment), and they continue after. Keep the great attitude, most important keep the faith. You;ve been through alot, it just has to get better!


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