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Radiation is scaring me to craziness

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I have a fear of heights and when I receive radiation it is on a table high up. I know I am fine on the table, but my mind starts worrying about falling off if the table moves too fast or if the radiation machine malfunctions and hits me. I have been cooperating with the two technicians who do the radiation but when they leave the room after getting the table up high enough and in the right position. I am told to lie still while the radiation machine zaps me on four side of my pelvic. If I watch the machine move that gets me feeling worse so I close my eyes. I have started to get anxiety pills to get me to calm down and get through the sessions. I am in my second week and have at least three more weeks to go (that is if they don't decide that I don't need more). I was told at least five weeks of radiation and maybe more. I said to the doctor that I had a fear of falling off and he said you are safe on the table. I did get pills to take right before a session of radiation and I will see if they work.
I can't be the only person that has this fear of the high table during radiation!

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My mother was afraid and took alprazolam 30 minutes before tx. Twice the machine malfunctioned and that can happen if there is dust on the machine it is so sensitive--it stops automatically and they may move you to another room. It can happen so please do not worry if it does. My mother kept her eyes closed and recited the 23 rd PSALM and then thought healing thoughts. It helps to have someone calm and supportive to drive you and stay with you. I will keep you in my prayers and this is part of healing. I too was very afraid of even the word radiation but the medicine will help calm you and five weeks goes fast.

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My radiation table had straps over the leg that they put on each time. Does your table not have any straps. I think everyone is afraid of radiaiton until they get a few treatments, and then find our the physical part of radiaiton is not so bad. But the mental part is what is hard. Being fearful of falling would be terrible. The wonder of how may treatments you are really going to need, is it really working, are they really getting the radiation in the right place? I too prayed while I was getting the radiation treatments. Your mind can only focus on one thing at a time, so try to focus on something positive to refocus you mind. I hope the medication helps you relax, too. Good luck to you. In peace and caring. HUGS to you.

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I don't remember the radiation table being high off the ground, but I don't have a fear of heights. Mine did not have any straps either.
I do remember saying the Lord's Prayer over and over the first few treatments to help reduce my anxiety. After a few treatments and practically everyone in my family going with me once, I felt a lot better. The techs were really considerate and let my family members stay with me as long as possible. Then they let them stay with them in the "control room" with them. They watched me on camera. Do you think it would help to have someone with you?
I also remember singing. I listen to a lot of Christian and I would sing.
Good luck. Hang in there

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