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Neuroendocrine carconoid tumor on the pancreas spread to the liver

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Hi. My mother was recently diagnosed with neuroendocrine carconoid tumor on the pancreas that has spread to the liver. We have had our second opinion at a medical center in Chicago that is encouraging embolization to the liver, but no concrete answers about how to stop/shrink the tumor on the pancreas other than chemotherapy. They believe since the pancreas is not causing problems, leave it alone at this point. Does anyone have any suggestions for treatment that has been positive, success stories etc. etc. that you would be able to share? Any and all information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

mr steve
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My wife had 2 TACE (chemo Embolizations) at Ohio State since 8/2008. She is 44 years old. It did a good job to clear up the tumors on the right side of the liver but she had surgery to remove part of the left lobe of the liver, the pancreas/spleen. she had some set backs after surgery...abcess mainly.

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