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New start

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I guess I'm about the same place I was when I started last year. I first thought I was in a worse place, but in retrospect, I do have some advantages over last year. Last years prognosis was that I just had a few months. I had little hope for surgery and I didn't know if chemo would work. This time around, I know Folfox works well on me. I just don't know for how long, which I think is better than not knowing if it will work. I will get to have surgery, whether the chemo works or not. That should at least buy me another 6-8 months. So I guess I see myself in a slightly better position than I was in last year. So the treatment is slowly working. I would prefer the instantaneous cure method but I can go slow if I must. I'm holding out for 2010. They are going to start large animal testing this fall with the Kanzius machine, and hopefully human trials in 2010. That's what I'm hanging onto for now.

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There will always be something out there hopefully, hold onto that hope, you just never know, these things just take time, I'm not going to rush the cure, but I sure would like to have a break in between chemo treatments if I'm even put on them for life, just to feel alittle normal again. Keep the positive attitude, and live life everyday to the fullest, don't let this stupid disease bring you down! we're here for you!


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