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germinoma brain tumor

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Hi I'm james at 15 I was diagnosed with a germinoma brain tumor. I now am high tone deaf, heat intolerance. would like to talk to anyone with a germinoma or anyone with the same side effects from treatment that I have.


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Hi James, I too had a tumor diagnosed as germinoma. Doctors found the tumor along with hydrocephalus, for which we took care of first; I was 21 then. A biopsy was inconclusive, when I returned for a 2nd biopsy, it had shrunk so the doc thought it was only inflamation and not a tumor. Then it came back, I had another biopsy, and it was diagnosed. The main side effect for me is double vision, and sometimes dizziness. In April 09 the hydrocephalus returned and I am now recovering from surgery on June 4, 2009 (I'm 33 now).

I have to throw in a plug for the folks at John's Hopkins in Baltimore. That place is run efficiently, and staffed by a team of doctors and nurses who are truly the best in the world!

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