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good news for me [i guess]

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well,just got #8 down and will be unhooked tomarrow.i had posted a thread not too long ago about 10 treatments vs 12.i talked to my onc yesterday and wanted to know what the word sufficient ment when she said 10 would be sufficient.she said the drug company that makes the oxy and 5fu which i am on did a study and they concluded that 12 was just the same outcome as 10 treatments.so it is her dision to stop me at 10.i will tell you i have fought hard thru all of this just like everyone else.but out of the two weeks i only have maybe 2 feel good days.i take my nausea and pain pill everyday untill my next treatment.i dont want to scare any newbies and everybody is different.here is a list of all my side effects that dont go away in between treatments.my hair has thnned alot,my hands have neuropothy and the skin is peeling off of my fingers,i have numbness in my lips .my gums bleed everytime i brush my teeth because my gums are swollen and i have no taste for food because my tastebuds are numb,i have abnominal pain when i do try to eat and last of all the neuropothy has started on the bottoms of my feet.so all in all im glad she is stopping me at 10 so i only have 2 more to go.i thank everyone on this board.i feel as thou we are a family here.all you newbies just hang in there.i guess i am begining to see the light at the end of the tunnel.maybe it does get better after all.Godbless johnnybegood

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Congratulations. You did it!! Don't feel bad about stopping at 10. You "fought the good fight". Also, I agree with your doc -- not much evidence re 10 vs. 12. i've stopped early on a couple of occasions. You give it your absolute best shot and listen to your oncologist and your own body. I am sorry your side effects have been on the horrible end. You are so strong and I take my hat off to you.


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Yes, it will get better. It takes some time, and adjustment, but it does get better. I only had 7 out of the 12 treatments, still here 5 years later! So here's hoping all the best for you, and that you feel better and better after your treatments are done.

Fight for my love
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This is great!Good luck and best wishes to your last 2 round treatment.

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That is wonderful that you are done. I'm so sorry that you have had all the side effects. I know I'm only on treatment #3 (yesterday, today, tomorrow). Thank you for being honest with your symptoms. I know when I asked my doctor about it she just said it was a nuisance. I consider it more of a nuisance not being able to go into the refrigerator, wearing mittens in June, being sick to my stomach, etc. I pray that you continue to heal and get better with each passing day. You only need more forward from this point on.



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for the replys and support.maybe i will be ok after just 10.im just ready to get over this and move on.i started getting sick in july of 2008 and went for a colonoscopy in sept 08 thats when i was diagnosed with tumor in my rectm.i have been going thru this for almost a year now.i just want to feel better again and get on with my new life.i relize it wont be easy but i am willing to fight to get my life back.thats all we have to do against this cancer is fight fight fight.Godbless....johnyybegood

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Hi johnybegood,

Just to let you know, I also completed just 10 of the Folfox treatments. It is definitely a wonderful feeling when you're DONE and can move on towards regaining a "normal" life and regain your energy! It will take a little bit of time to get the energy back, but you WILL get it back. Congratulations!!


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Glad to hear you only have a couple more to go, I'd be scared to stop lol...I kind of am thinking right now, I hate to go to #7, but I'm also scared to stop, so I'll just go with the flow! I'm sure you'll be just fine, and just think of trying to do things without being so weak and tired all the time! yippeeeee!


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Best of luck to you and hope things will be ok for you going forward and future tests will be good news.

I understand your frustration at fighting a year to get back to life.

I just entered Year 5 of my fight and after receiving news that Cancer looks to have returned for the 3rd time at only 47 years of age, I told myself the same thing you did - Just want to get better and find my life again.

I understand why they call it the War Against Cancer now. I keep fighting hard as well. I thought 5 years was a long time, but I see others on this post who have fought longer periods of time, so I tell myself to keep going.

You just get so tired as the years go by. You see others living their lives and wonder why you can't live yours. But then, I bear back down and get back after it.

We started off this decade with an F-3 tornado and followed that up with Cancer 3x in this decade. My wife and I are fighting and trying to find a place to "pull over" and catch our breath.

Best of luck again to you; I'm glad you made your regiment. I had colorectal cancer in the rectum as well and missed a colostomy my mere millimeters. That was a miracle!

I'm pulling for you and your family and know you will do well.


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We are all happy for you that you are getting through this, in spite of the side effects. Do you have a prescription for Magic Mouthwash? It helps to rub it on the lips as well. I also sucked on very cold pieces of cantaloupe...it has something in it that helped my lips.

Keep fighting girl! We are behind you.

many hugs, Vicki

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fighting for mom
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Your story is almost the same timeline as my Mom's. She started feeling bad in July but no colonoscopy until Nov. She has only 2 of the 12 to go. She stopped the oxy after 7 due to toxicity and unable to stay out of the hospital. That oxy is some horrible horrible stuff. She can definitly relate to the peeling hands, poor appetite, potassium lows, and the list goes on and on.

I am so proud of you for sticking with it and fighting the ugly beast! You are a very strong person.

Keep on keeping on!


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I'm so glad you're beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Stay strong!


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everyone for you support i truly dont know what i would do without this websight,my mom found it for me while she was her taking care of me for 6 months after my surgery and colostomy bag dont have a lot of friends that come around so i consider all of you my friends,thanks again Godbless.....johnnybegood

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My husband had all those side effects and a few more like you , He completed his chemo too , I don't know how you all do it. you are all so brave and strong you are all my heros.

stay well


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how are you doing.i often think about you and everything you have been thru.i know its been hard but you too are a fighter.just hang around with us and we will give you all the support you need.Godbless....johnnybegood

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Trying to go on . Yesterday I had trouble with my ingnition so i had to call a tow truck, If angel was here he would be on his way to fix it he was a mechanic, So its at his old bosses shop and he will do it for free thank god,It these kinds of things that freak me out Car problems House probelms( none of those yet) but the pool is getting green i shocked it yesterday so we will see, Gosh there is alot to do it really takes two people but i will try to do my best. It was two month the 16th of this month it seemd like yesterday to me ,I miss him so. Triple didgits today in phx That dosen't help my pool situation but what can you do its a desert here.Well take care Thanks for the encouragement i need that.


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