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Anybody else have their onc doctor tell them not to go to the dentist? It has been a year since my teeth were cleaned and I really feel I should keep on with my dental hygiene. I still floss even though it makes my gums bleed sometimes.


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...mine told me to go before chemo treatments started, but then I got this absessed wisdom tooth which landed me in the hospital because the infection spread, and I had to be put on heavy duty antibiotics for a few days in the hospital, but I'd wait till the doctor says ok for you to go.

tiny one
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When teeth are cleaned bacteria is released that can cause problems. Ask him how long you should wait before going. Is there any precautions you could take before you would go to the dentist? Your Dr might not want you to risk any infection from a cleaning.

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Hi, I also had to wait before I could go and see the dentist. I needed a procedure done but was on chemo, so that was out of the question.

I kept reminding him that I at least wanted to clean my teeth and after I got off chemo, I was able to go.


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My onc told me to go ahead and go but to only get a cleaning and tell the Dentist to not be to aggressive with the tools they use. Don't want any bleeding.


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My oncologist doesn't want me getting my teeth cleaned. In fact I even mentioned that I wanted to get a cortisone epidural for a herniated disc and she said to do physical therapy instead...didn't want to risk infection. :(

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I was due to go to the dentist when I got my diagnosis,everything happened so fast that I didn't have time to think about going. After finishing chemo,my dentist wouldn't see me till I got the ok from my onc.I waited about 6 months before I finally went, like everyone else said, you don't want to get an infection.

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We are loosing our dental so I have no option but to go ahead and get everything I need done whether it cost me an infection or not. If I need $8,000 of work (which I don't) I would get it done anyway. This bankruptcy is also changing all of our medical insurance and it said drastically - we already pay a lot I can't even imagine what we are going to do now. I can't believe my husband worked 41 years there and this is what happened. Do what your oncologist says though. Good luck


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My husband retired from GM last summer after 32 years, most of it working on the assembly line. We're just waiting to see what's going to happen to the insurance after GM gets out of bankruptcy. It's bad enough losing the vision and dental and the mail-order prescription co-pay jumping way up, but the prospect of even more changes is really disconcerting. I agree with you that it's a shame that after working at GM all those years everything they were promised is changing.

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Paula G.
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My husbands Onc said he could go to the dentist as long as they didn't make him bleed. Even having your teeth cleaned you bleed a little so he hasn't been yet. Paula G.

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No dental work or cleanings until after chemo due to risk of infection for me per onc. I was diligent about brushing frequently and flossing and was spared any major mouth problems.
My hygienist said that for many chemo can reck havoc on your teeth and gums. I feel lucky.


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You must make sure you go to a dentist who puts extra extra care in to making sure everything is sterilized.


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I asked my onc and was able to go to the dentist between treatments.  I had to take penicillin before and after each appointment. Three tablets an hour before, and three four hours afterwards.

It was explained to me as having to do with the mediport.  Our mouths have a lot of nasty bacteria, and somehow having the mediport makes us more succeptible to blood infections.  When having dental work, there is a greater possibility of the dentist or hygenist poking or jabbing us in the gums or mouth, releasing bacteria into our bloodstream.

Same reason why we have to immediately report mouth sores as a side effect.

- Karin

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