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Scan tomorrow - trying 2B calm and positive!

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I have a checkup PET scan tomorrow. I am trying to stay calm and positive but gee it ain't easy. Aside from the discomfort of the scan itself (I know I know -- all you have to do is lie there! But you know what I mean -- the needle, the hospital, the arms-above-head-till-they-cramp....),it is hard to be positive about something which has previously brought such bad news. Sometimes as I lie in the machine there I start to cry a little. Then the poor technician has to remind me to stay still!! ha ha (sort of)

Ok - I have had bad news from scans (on diagnosis, then my three recurrences -- all nicely spaced apart by about 18 mos to 2 years). But I'm trying to focus on all the times that scans have brought me good news. I have been NED for over a year now.....yea

I'm going to my Canasta group tonight! I figure the distraction will be good for me.

Thanks for the opportunity to moan a little -- I know I'm in good company here (not the moaning -- I've never met such a positive group -- but the 'scan club').


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Good luck with scan tomorrow and congratulations on the NED for a year. It's hard to keep emotions in check when you are the one going through it, sometimes the technicians have no clue how a person feels. They can usually take one look on my face and tell I'm scared. I think I wear my heart on my sleeve. Let us know how you are doing. You are in my thoughts and prayers for a great result.


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Sending good vibes and prayers your way for a GREAT scan :)

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First,congratulations on being NED for the past year. I agree, it's scary going for scans, you never know if it will be good news or bad, and the waiting for results are horrible! When you're in the scan just keep thinking positive thoughts, I'll be sending some your way also.
Good luck, wishing you all the best!

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with your scan. Always an anxious time. My next PET is in August.

all the best, Leslie

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Those scan days are just tough stuff. Just had mine at the end of May so I understand everything that you are going through. Will they give you your results tomorrow? I will be thinking of you-and wishing you those magic letters of NED.


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I am sending lots of prayers for you and for good results. I have my scans on the 22nd so I know what you are going through. You are a strong one and things will be fine. Good luck and keep us posted..

God BLess

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Think positive! hopefully all goes well, I wish you the best! I have a scan coming up July 1, and I hope it comes out as good as the first!

Hey Beth! Looking good on that bike, darn, that thing is bigger then me! I wouldn't be able to even hold it up! LOL!


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I am sending positive vibes to you. I will be praying for good news. You deserve good news.


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