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Ive been helping take care of my dad who has stage 4 colon cancer(spread into his liver and lungs) and he had colon surgery which resulted in having a colostomy done....he decided not to have any chemotherapy treatment and wants just to have enough pain meds to keep him comfortable for as long as he has...i've been told by doctors that 2 to 6 months is the survival rate without treatment...its been 4 months and he does seem more tired and i try to keep his spirits up each day and also my moms too because its really hard on her so i want to be a comfort to both...does this survival rate sounds about right?..i just want to be prepared for anything!...i take one day at a time and try to make each day as special as i can for my dad and as well as my mom!!..thanks for any responses :)

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Hi Ken - It is difficult to answer your question because so much varies depending on the individual. If your Dad is still eating fairly well and not losing weight, then he may have more time than the doctor estimated. Just wondering, is Hospice available in your area? Their support might be very helpful to you and your mother, as well as your Dad. Also, Hospice workers have a lot of experience with similar situations and should be able to give you guidance along the way. I am sorry about your Dad's situation - Best wishes to you all.

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...thought they had alittle longer without treatment, my husbands grandfather died of colon cancer as well, but he quit his treatments after a short while, they gave him like 3 months to live, and he went on to 2 years! so, I don't think doctors are always right as well, you never know, he may just surprise you and be around longer, I thought if you didn't get treatment, you could still live a couple years though.


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Did the doctors give any indication of exactly what would cause your father to go so quickly? Liver failure from the tumors there or something in the lungs that is ominous? It would be easier for the family if you knew what you were looking for. He may very well surprise that doctor and decide to stick around awhile. You never know.

I understand the desire to be there for both your father and your mother right up until the end. Planning your own life can be difficult right now. Please remember that it is normal to want schedule all of this into your own life. (My husband always feels guilty for even having thoughts of fitting his own life into all this canzer nonsense!) Be patient and kind to yourself and you will be better able to care for your parents needs. JMHO

Good Luck,


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