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three month check up tomorrow

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Aloha All
tomorrow is the end of another three month cycle; I see the oncologist and get the "news"; well what is it boy is it yes or no (LOL); the waiting gets to me but I'm trying to put it (worry) aside; not like there's much you can do....I'm sure you all wish me well and will cry with me if I cry or REJOYCE with me when I do Marie

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I hope and pray everything goes well for you tomorrow. Take care. We will definately cry or celebrate with you.

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Across the ocean and holding your hand!

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I know we all wish the very best for you. Hope you have someone to go with you to rejoice with when the news is good.
As always, love and hope,

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The waiting is always so hard. Wishing you a good day.

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Teresa 61
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Good Luck today Marie.. Will say a special prayer for you. Teresa

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Wishing you good luck with your 3 month check and hoping that we rejoice and celebrate with you. HUGS to you.

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