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cancer blood count

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my brother in law has beek feeling sick and his doctor tested him for alot of different things and they said they found cancer cells in his blood at first the count was 15 percent and then 25 and now 40 they did every scan and test on him to find out where they cancer was but they cant find anything. is there a type of cancer thats hard to find? he thinks it in his bones how do they test for that? and is that cureable

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I am not sure of what the doctor has told your brother in law, but I have a rare cancer that has to do with blood called Waldenstroms Macroglobulemia. It is a cancer involving the large B cell in the blood. In my case, this particular cell was born mutated, and lost the ability to die in 2 to 3 weeks, which is their normal life, and gained the ability to multiply.
The normal amount of this B cell in the blood is 350 to 400 at any given time. When my cancer was discovered, my cell count was 7,900. These bad cells don't attach themselves to anything. They just float around in the blood. But, at the rate mine were multiplying, they began to crowd out the space for red blood cells, and I became anemic.
My oncologist has been treating me with a med called Rituxan. That, coupled with decadran, which is a steroid, and alkeran, which is a chemo, has in the last year and a half, dropped the IgM levels down to 2,900, and falling. Even if we get the IgM levels down to normal, there will always be maintenance doses of Rituxan to maintain those levels. This cancer is not curable, only treatable. But, maintenance is better than nothing.
I hope this information has been helpful. And, I hope your brother in law gets the help he needs to treat whatever his condition is.
This cancer is very rare, and it took a bone marrow biposy to pin it down..

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There are several different types of  cancers out there one they could check to make sure he

doesn't have a blood cancer is called Leukemia  then there is also the bone cancer it's a cancer this in the bone morrow they would have to go into the middle of the bone and take a small sample 

 Your oncologist will know what test is best for him keep your faith in God he never sends anything our way that we can't handle I know from experience 

 I've had thyroid cancer at the age of five uterine cancer leukemia stomach cancer I'm a mother of  8 four boys and four girls  all who depend on me being there so Faith is a big thing in our family I will keep you and your brother-in-law in our prayers God bless you 


 Sincerely Wanda may Lopez

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